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Decorative Metal and the Capital Home Show

Have you ever worked with decorative metal? I call it radiator grating. It comes in several designs and you can really do so much with it- I also think it adds a bit more character (and hiding power if you like) than the traditional chicken wire when used in place of glass. A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in the Capital Home Show here in the DC area. It was an honor and so much fun! Ikea sponsored a series…

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SxS porch makeover after
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Porch makeover

If you remember last summer, we embarked on a deck/ porch makeover.. it was a bit ridiculous. You can find those posts here and here. Once “monsoon season” finally subsided (seriously y’all… we have 28 out of 30 days of…

SxS silver table after close up
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a little silver table

A few weeks ago I had a friend give me this little table. I looked at it for a while and it popped in my head that it looks a lot like the detailed and etched silver platters on…

SxS map cabinet open drawer
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My best find yet!

I love finding unique and fun pieces and when I saw this map/blueprint cabinet I had to try to get it. These things are so hard to find because they are so drool worthy- this was absolutely my best find…

sxs full kitchen after head on bright

My old kitchen- the island

After the bookshelf I tackled the island (and peninsula too). I saw this cool product at Lowe’s and wanted to give it a shot- Airstone. The marketing said if you can ice a cupcake, you can use Airstone… well here’s…

SXS sofa table in place
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custom sofa table

A few weeks ago I had someone contact me about a custom sofa table. She’d been using stacked boxes to hold their cable boxes for far too long (don’t we all do something like that?). They had a fabulous…