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My best find yet!

I love finding unique and fun pieces and when I saw this map/blueprint cabinet I had to try to get it. These things are so hard to find because they are so drool worthy- this was absolutely my best find yet! I have always wanted one to store my children’s art. Over the years four children can create a lot of art work and sometimes it comes home on large pieces of paper that aren’t easy to file. The large format…

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sxs full kitchen after head on bright

My old kitchen- the island

After the bookshelf I tackled the island (and peninsula too). I saw this cool product at Lowe’s and wanted to give it a shot- Airstone. The marketing said if you can ice a cupcake, you can use Airstone… well here’s…

SXS sofa table in place
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custom sofa table

A few weeks ago I had someone contact me about a custom sofa table. She’d been using stacked boxes to hold their cable boxes for far too long (don’t we all do something like that?). They had a fabulous…

sxs kv kitchen after full

a dramatic kitchen

I had a client contact me to help in updating her kitchen. They’d just moved in a new (to them) house and couldn’t take the faded yellow maple cabinetry (can’t say that I blame her really). While we are…

sxs home gym after
Makeovers Projects

Home Gym redo

Hey there! Life has been absolutely insane lately. If you’ve been following on IG or facebook You’ve seen the chicken coop build progress and all the work I have going on… a few months ago I was able to do this…

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Holiday Gift Ideas

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas This year I thought I would mix it up a little.. Because while I am a DIYer and love tools… I am also a girl and occasionally do try to look nice… Here is my…

sxs finished steps

Deck conclusion…

Oh my… where ever did I leave the deck? Heaven help us all, it’s done… mostly. Oy! What a ride! If you’re just joining us and have no idea what I am talking about, check this out to catch…

sxs copper lamp before after
Makeovers Shabby Paints

A faux copper lamp refresh

Taking a break from the never-ending deck… I had to get my paint on. I grabbed a super ugly lamp and went to town with Shabby Shimmers… I started with a quick coat of Shabby Paints Marsala Wine chalk…

SxS flower table After
Furniture re-dos Shabby Paints

Desperation and Inspiration

In a moment of utter exhaustion over deck drama (read about that here), I snuck out for a bit of paint therapy… well stain actually. Shabby Paints Home Design has a fabulous new product called Gelato Gel Stain- Have…

SXS Nimbus Pot needs water
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A Nimbus Pot review…

Nimbus what?   Now before I tell you what this is all about you need to understand some things about me. While I now live on (in?) 13 acres of trees… I know NOTHING about living in the country..…

SxS deck wall teardown long
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The longest project ever

Ok.. bear with me.. the post is pretty long as well… If you have been following me on Instagram, you’ve most likely seen some pictures of the deck. If you have any concept of time, you have noticed that…