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Scrap Wood Projects: quick tool charging station

I have been swamped with a huge cedar box build for a client. (I promise to share when it’s done.) Two pieces of lumber were broken in transit. Those two pieces are all I need to finish the entire project. They were supposed to be here yesterday, that didn’t happen. While waiting, I decided to throw together a tool charging station from scraps I have around (I have a lot of scraps). Stalling for time, I starting looking for some…

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Makeovers Projects

Game Controller Pillow decor

As I was working on the boy bedroom refresh for Jack, I started thinking about how to decorate around the gamer theme. A pillow on his lounge sofa might be fun! A quick search on Amazon didn’t turn up…

Makeovers Projects

Boy Bedroom Refresh

Quarantine is providing time to get things done around the house. I decided to start another huge project- my son’s room refresh. Being the youngest, the poor kid has never really gotten much that didn’t pass through a sister…

before and after of closet makeover main wall
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My Closet Makeover

Our closet is in the master bathroom. It’s a walk in, though rather small. My guess has always been that it was a custom buildout when the house was rebuilt after burning down in the early 90s. The configuration…

Projects Tips and tutorials

DIY Mask with filter pocket

…and ideas on what to use if you can’t find filters. (Plus contest at the end!) Being a woodworker, I have masks to keep sawdust out of my lungs. With the newest guidelines from the CDC recommending wearing facemasks…