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Copper Painted dresser for my daughter

My oldest daughter needed a place to store clothing on her new life adventure and asked me if I would make a painted dresser for her. I was honored, and of course said yes immediately. She had some requirements, of course. It needed to be compact and easy to transport. Being a huge fan of the mid-century style of furnishings, I had one in my stash that I thought would work quite well for her. The best part was that…

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Gift Ideas Projects

Babies and Buttons

Babies are the most adorable things…. and when someone else owns them, it’s even better. A friend had a baby and I used buttons for one of the gifts I made her. It was a pretty simple project, and…

tutorial for small succulent teacher gifts. three small succulents pictures on wooden tray with website link listed at bottom
Gift Ideas Projects

Small Succulent teacher gifts

The holidays are upon us y’all. Teachers do a great job with our kids and being the child of a teacher, I like to say thank you for work they do. These small succulent pots make great teacher gifts.…

Saved by Scottie Love it exterior rear
Just Me Makeovers Projects

Love it or List it… farm edition

Welcome to “Love it, or List it… Farm edition”. Our current “episode” started in back in January. Our real estate agent (who is FABULOUS btw… if you need one, hit me up, I’ll totally give you her name) sent…