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25 gifts for the DIY er on your list

Finding gifts for your favorite DIY er doesn’t have to be hard. There are so many both normal and also unusual things out there. Here is a fun list to look through to give you some ideas:

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ryobi one plus cordless pin nailer tool only

Cordless Pin Nailer
Cordless tools are the absolute best. Anyone who even dabbles in woodworking probably hates having the nail heads show. A pin nailer fixes this by driving in nails so small they’re hardly noticeable.

ryobi one plus cordless rotary tool

Cordless Rotary Tool
Rotary tools are really handy for so many things: sanding, carving, polishing.. the list goes on. A cordless one you can take nearly anywhere makes life easy!

ryobi one plus speed saw rotary cutter tool only

Speed Saw Rotary Cutter
Rotary Cutters can make quick work of small or intricate cuts. The small size makes it easier to handle than a router so your special someone might find it more user friendly for delicate work.

ryobi one plus hybrid radio with bluetooth

Shop radio with bluetooth and hybrid technology
An easily transportable radio with bluetooth as well as the ability to plug it in if you run low on battery power? Yes, please!

ryobi stud finder with auto depth technology

Stud Finder
Stud Finders are a necessity for a homeowner. Technology has come a long way and this one can tell the depth of your drywall as well as if there is metal, wood, or wires where you’re trying to hang that picture.

ryobi laser level with air grip

Laser Level
A laser level is another “must” for a homeowner. Ryobi makes one that uses airgrip technology to stick to nearly any surface so you don’t need that second pair of hands.

ryobi tape measure with rubber overmold

Tape Measure
I am not sure you can ever have too many tape measures. This one has a rubber overmold to help with slipping and impact resistance.


Wen rotary tool accessory kit

Rotary Tool Accessory Kit
Going with that rotary tool, an accessory kit with a gazillion bits is always a great add-on. Bonus that it has a case with a place for everything!

ryobi one plus high capacity battery

High Capacity Battery
Larger batteries are more than just longer run time. These add torq and power. I buy them whenever possible.

ryobi one plus multi battery charger

Battery Super Charger
Charging multiple cordless batteries at once is heaven sent. This one charges them superfast too.

Kreg tools 48" circular saw track

Circular saw track
Turn your circular saw into a track saw and make long straight cuts nearly anywhere. There are shorter versions, but this 48″ one is great for ripping plywood.

Ridgid pro gear tool box cart

Tool Box
A place to store all the gear is fantastic. I loves the ones made by Ridgid because they have a whole interlocking and compatible system so you can get exactly the kind of storage you need.

router bits in storage case

Router bits
Router bits are always a great add-on. This set has a fantastic case with profile samples so you have an idea of what the router shape will be.

kreg tools router table set up bars

Set up bars
Set up bars are great for making sure your router or table saw is at exactly the height you need it to be.

QEP contour gauge

Contour Gauge
Contour gauges are one of those things you think are silly until you need one, and then you wonder how you ever lived without it. You have probably seen them on facebook ads where they lay it against a weird profile and then use it to cut out a specific shape for tiling or flooring. These make doing those funky cuts so much faster.

Safety Items

gripper push block for table saw

Push Block
Table Saws can be dangerous at times. A push block helps keep your fingers out of the way while still helping stabilize your piece for a straight cut.

gray Anti fatigue mat

Anti-fatigue Mat
Standing around all day in the same place is murder on your legs and back. An anti-fatigue mat can help solve that problem.

impact resistant gloves

Impact resistant gloves
Ever had something fall on your hands or scrape them while woodworking? It smarts…these gloves help avoid that pain. These are lightweight and pretty easy to maneuver in while offering protection from occasional dropped items.

RZ breathing protection mask

Dust mask
Protecting your lungs is key in woodworking and lots of people don’t do it. Typically dust masks are super annoying because they make your safety glasses fog up and get really hot. This type is much more “friendly” and has a lot less of both of those annoying traits. This is a great gift to say “I love you, don’t make yourself sick”

hearing protection with bluetooth

Hearing protection with Bluetooth
Hearing protection is another one of those areas where DIYers can slack- having the ability to protect precious hearing while also listening to a favorite podcast (SSDGM anyone?) might encourage more frequent use.

3M protective eyewear in 3 styles to cover all kinds of lighting

Protective Eyewear
Eye protection is another MUST in a work environment. Different types of lighting can make seeing more or less difficult sometimes. This set offers three different lens styles to suit most lighting conditions.

WEN shop dust collector

Dust Collector
Dust collection might be a funny thing to throw under safety, but I don’t tend to think so. Saw dust is slippery, is terrible to breathe in and if that fine dust from woodworking that can fall over everything is left long enough, it can become a fire hazard. A dust collection system is a need in a woodworking shop and a lot of DIYers don’t even realize it. Not having to clean up all that sawdust and shavings all the time is a game changer.

WEN air filter

Air filtration unit
Right alongside of that dust collection (for collecting particles straight from the cutting tool) is air filtration (for collecting the floating stuff). You will be breathing better and your shop will never have felt so clean and tidy.


paint brush saver

Paint Brush Rescue
I am a paint brush hoarder. I LOVE to buy all the styles and sizes to see which ones work best for what or how I want to paint. I will admit to more than once ruining a favorite brush because I was distracted and wasn’t able to clean it in time (or once just completely forgot to do it). This product can restore that brush with very little effort- Add water, seal the brush in and let it soak, remove and comb it out under running water. What a great stocking stuffer!

Rag in a bag

Rag in a Bag
Good quality rags can be pricey and laundering them can ruin your washing machine. I love these cloth-like rags for nearly everything. Spill clean up, applying stain and polyurethane, glass cleaning, and even drying my hands. They are lint free and are better suited for a shop environment than paper towels.

Was that enough gifts for DIY lovers? Do you have other recommendations? Do you have opinions on any of these recommendations? Sound off in the comments!

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