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A few gift ideas…

I have found some pretty neat gift ideas in the last few weeks looking around, everything from photo phone cases to tool kits, and a decent amount of fashion options… I figure I can’t be the only one who struggles at ideas sometimes though. SO, to save you some searching, let me share some awesome stuff I like.

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ryobi combo kit

The Ryobi 6 piece combo kit. I L.O.V.E. this thing. Seriously, It’s a great way to start or, like me, update your tool collection. They’re all cordless and do yourself a favor, splurge on the bigger (high-capacity) batteries. In addition to longer run time, it adds 35% torque- seriously, you NEED it.

ryobi sander

You know I HAD to mention my favorite sander. I really do adore this thing (so much that I have TWO of them). Nearly no vibration and throw on the high-capacity battery and your sanding is done in no time with minimal effort.

safe wedding rings

I am hoping to pick one of these silicone rings up really soon. If it behaves the way I think it will, I am going to be shouting about this from the rooftops. If you have a significant other who has issues with wearing rings for safety reasons (think electrical current or pinching/pulling/squeezing the finger) or like me, can’t wear it when they’re working because it can ruin what they’re doing- this seems to be the answer. I like my husband, and I really like being married to him. I do like not wearing my rings, but I also do not like repairing the damage the band does when I run my hand over the piece checking the finish etc.

These rings are made of silicone and the color is embedded so they don’t run off and have been tested in chemicals to check for disintegration and degradation too. The best part? They aren’t pricey at all!

Those who know me personally, know I love flannel shirts. You may remember the one I reviewed and how I told you it was my favorite shirt… Well, that is still so very true and I wear flannel from the first hint of chill until I’m sweating bullets in the Spring.

Henley shirts are fantastic for layering with flannels. Remember Outback Red at the Limited? (am I dating myself asking that question?) They make so many more colors now.

Slouchy shirts are the best. This one looks comfortable to work in, keep you warm for the winter months and still pretty stylish if you have to run out while you working.

ok, I know we all work a lot of days in our sweats. Do they have to be ratty and thread-bare? I think not. These Sherpa lined ones are thick and cozy for those cold winter months.

I thought I would make a complete outfit- these shoes are ADORABLE and I LOVE them. They’re made by Teva specifically for women’s feet and are designed to help with standing all day on hard surfaces (and they work, I can personally attest to it). They come in other colors and fabrics. I have a few pair.

If you need a new phone case and are worried about shattering your smartphone, Griffin makes an amazing case called the “Survivor” that is “Cori” proof. Forget the LifeProof one (we tried that, it is a disaster- a post for another day). You can read about the specs but let’s just say it’s military grade. Unlike the Otterbox, it’s difficult to shatter the screen while IN the case (yes, she did this)… and you can custom design the color combo etc you want. I don’t have one because it doesn’t have extra battery life… I believe I am classified as a heavy user… The second they have a case that includes more battery? I’m IN!

Batting Gloves! Seriously- If you don’t want to screw up your nails when you’re sanding, batting gloves are the answer. They mold to your hand and you still have full mobility. You can find all different colors and styles on Amazon for about $20 a pair…I’m really hoping for some myself this year. (fingers crossed)

What about a space heater? If your loved one works in the garage, it can get chilly in the winter months. It takes paint longer to dry when it’s cold too. A heater will keep everything toasty warm and help keep him or her from dragging all those “treasures” inside to work on… I couldn’t possibly have personal experience with this…

Well, there you have it. My not so complete list of gift ideas for your DIY sweetie…. a little different from your average Gift ideas list, but I’m that practical kind of gal.

Can you think of anything else I should add?

Happy Holidays!! I can’t wait to hear all about yours!

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