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Airbnb Armoire Makeover

Overall I am really enjoying the Airbnb hosting experience at The Goat Loft. So far our guest experiences have been quite lovely. I am only certain at some point there might be a less than fabulous visitor so I needed a place to keep personal items we store in the loft secure. An armoire I had in storage was the perfect thing.

*This post was sponsored by Fasäde. They make easy to use, on-trend backsplash, ceiling, and wall panels. I enjoy working with them and have used their products many times. In my kitchen, in the rv remodel kitchen and bedroom, for a magnet board, and a tile trivet.

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How I did it

I bought this armoire ages ago and since I found a key in my stash that happened to fit it’s lock, I thought this was a perfect candidate.

an old armoire with a broken door on the right side. Covered in chipping paint and wallpaper border. The open side is full of the drawers and a mirror. Two long clamps are leaning against the front of the armoire

Sadness huh? Luckily I had the door pieces, glue, and those large clamps.

Broken pieces of a door to an armoire

Once I had that all reset, I used my clothes steamer to take off the old wallpaper border and painted the outside edges in Lillian Gray by Shabby Paints.

armoire door painted grey on the outside edges with chipping paint over and below a void from the old wallpaper  down the center

The Fasäde panels are DIY friendly and SO easy to work with. You can cut them with tin snips or even kitchen shears. I picked the Traditional 1 Panel style.

armoire door with painted gray sides and a piece of fasäde decorative panel in the center portion.

When we used the panels in our kitchen makeover, we used double sided foam tape to secure them. I have since learned, I prefer to use construction adhesive so you have a bit of “play” if you have a tight fit or need to wiggle the panels a bit.

armoire door with a piece of fasäde decorative panel at the bottom portion and a tube of Loctite construction adhesive laying on top

I let my youngest daughter, Gracie, choose the inside color scheme. She picked a Shabby Paints color that’s discontinued now, but I think Pink Salt would be pretty close.

armoire in workshop space open to who the pink painted interior with wood accent walls and gray trim. on the floor in front of it is a kneeling pad and paper shop cloth.
front of closed and finished armoire. body is painted gray and the inset panels of the doors are fasäde decorative panels in a silver metallic that is designed to look like tin ceiling panels.

It was a fairly quick makeover and this armoire has been a huge help in storing the things my oldest daughter left behind… though it might be time for her to take them to her house now….Ahem, Abbie.

open armoire with pink and gray interior and filled with the possessions of a young adult female

It’s a bit of a tight fit in the closet but it’s so large, there is still plenty of room for hanging items and all the linens needed for the bed. If Abbie ever takes all her things, I can keep the extra cleaning supplies, animal crackers, and sundries locked up in there.

closed armoire with silver metal decorative fasäde panels, glass knobs and in a closet with wood floor and shelves to the left of the armoire.

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pinnable image of closed fasäde panel armoire in closet

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    […] This closet makeover post is sponsored by Pure Bond Plywood and Fasäde Decorative Panels. Pure Bond plywood is formaldehyde-free plywood made with soy-based adhesives in North America. It’s high quality, environmentally safe, and cost competitive. Fasäde thermoplastic panels are made to be used for backsplashes, ceilings and even full wall overlays. They are super lightweight, easy to cut, install quickly, and are very durable. I speak from experience, I have used them several times- in a former kitchen, and even on furniture. […]

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