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Babies and Buttons

Babies are the most adorable things…. and when someone else owns them, it’s even better. A friend had a baby and I used buttons for one of the gifts I made her. It was a pretty simple project, and I have done it before for a girl, forever ago… This one has a little more flair and it’s for a boy, so I thought I would share.

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Supply List

The Build

Pre-baby, these friends weren’t sharing names. I get it. People can sometimes say thoughtless things and having someone rain on your parade is never fun. In a quiet moment, I asked if they’d be willing to share the first letter when they decided. I promised not to try to guess what it was and also not to tell anyone else. Gratefully, they shared.

I looked at fonts until I found one I liked for this letter (this is always the hardest part for me because I LOVE fonts) Once I figured that out, I just typed the letter, blew it up to a size that took up the majority of the paper and I printed it out on my printer and did an initial layout.

printed lowercase letter f with buttons spread out across it.

TIP: Once I had it the way I liked it, I took a picture with my phone to be able to reference as I attached them later.

I cut out the letter and placed it on top of scrapbook paper in the frame (glass under the paper).

blue piece of scrap book paper in a wood frame with a cut out letter f laying on it

I held down the edges and used a pencil to lightly trace around the edges of the letter so I had the general shape of the design. You could also use a paper glue stick to lightly adhere it to the scrap book paper- Just be careful so you don’t mess with the adhesion of the gluestick later.

fingers pressing down a cut out letter f on blue scrapbook paper

Now there is a pattern to follow!

letter f outlined in pencil on blue scrapbook paper inserted in a wood frame.

Smaller glue guns make craft projects like this easier and I feel like I end up with less strings.

orange glue gun with mini glue sticks from gorilla glue on top of a cardboard box.

Then, just start glueing inside the pattern…

blue scrap book paper placed in wood frame with buttons glued onto the start of the letter f

Once the buttons were all on, I picked my favorite woodland babies and placed them on there as well.

finished project of lower case f made with glued buttons and baby animal accent buttons on a blue background with a wood frame.

My friend loved it and it was a fun project to do. Making things with buttons is fun! I’ll need to come up with some other things to throw together now… got any ideas?

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pinnable image of lower case f made with glued buttons and baby animal accent buttons on a blue background with a wood frame.

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