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My daughter Gracie needed a BFF gift. Her bestie is a little girl who LOVES sheep. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find sheep things these days? After several trips to local stores, G and I gave up and decided to make a gift for her together. We decided on a cork board for her room that looks like a sheep.

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Supply List

the concept

The first thing we did was to find an inspiration photo from the internet and print it out. It needed to be large enough to work with the cork circles we had.

2 round cork trivets next to a print out of a sheep image laying on a piece of kraft paper ready for creating the perfect BFF gift

We traced a general outline of the sheep onto the kraft paper and cut it out, then placed it on the plywood and traced around it.

silhouette of sheep traced out on piece of plywood ready to be cut out for the BFF gift

Then I got to teach Gracie to use a scroll saw to cut around the outline of the shape.

cut silhouette image laying on layer of wool to create the BFF gift

We then layed out the circles on the background to figure out where to cut the body.

the build

Gracie used the craft knife to cut along the line she drew with a pencil to leave a space for the head.

Then she used the construction adhesive to glue down the corkboard pieces.

wood cutout with construction adhesive on it to secure the cork trivets for the BFF gift

Then we worked together to cut out small pieces for the legs and ears and glued them in place.

then we traced out a basic shape for the eyes, ear inserts, and feet then used the scroll saw to cut them out and a rotary tool to tidy then all up.

We sanded down the edges and used a tack nail driven into the back to hold the small pieces while we painted them.

Staples held the wool in place beautifully and fluffing and pulling around them hid them really well.

Once the head, body and ears were covered, we flipped the little wooden pieces over and pressed them into the cork board with those tack nails we inserted for painting holding them in place. Adding extra wool over the front hooves gave a more realistic leg appearance.

in process cork board with wool and feet attached. The BFF gift is coming together

We were a little worried about how we would make a nose and mouth until I hit up my upholstery stash. Somehow I had dress shoelaces in there- perfect!

dress shoelace laying across the box on a metal table used for creating the mouth and nose outline.

It just needed one more touch to make it right… a bell! Luckily I had some fun ribbon in that same upholstery stash too! That was stapled around the back and a sawtooth hook was added in the back for hanging.

Finished product

image of finished BFF gift of a cork board that looks like a sweet sheep with a bell and ribbon collar.

All that was left to do was attach the hanger and get it up!

Her bestie absolutely adored the present thought it was the best BFF gift ever. Gracie and I had a fantastic time making it together. I love that she is so excited about building and creating like I am.

It’s super cute, I kind of wish we would have made two.

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pinnable image of corkboard BFF gift showing creation steps.

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