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Boy Bedroom Refresh

Quarantine is providing time to get things done around the house. I decided to start another huge project- my son’s room refresh. Being the youngest, the poor kid has never really gotten much that didn’t pass through a sister or three first. This time he gets something done specifically for him so here is the planning of what will go into this boy bedroom refresh… (Perhaps this will encourage him to keep his space neat and clean… a mom can dream right?)

* Aspect Tiles is sponsoring this project series. Aspect has several types of DIY-friendly peel and stick tiles for all styles of home decorating.

Let’s start with a picture of where my son’s room started:

messy boy bedroom in need of a refresh
other half of a messy boy bedroom needing a refresh

Oh yes, please be horrified. This is out of control. There is no way anyone can work in this. No wonder he really doesn’t spend a lot of time in there- the poor kid probably can’t find anything.

Clean up

The boy helped work on it for a bit, though obviously was not as dedicated as I was to getting through it. When he bailed, I was able to really make some changes quickly. Moving furniture out and around to make a lot more space for him only took about an hour (with the tidying up part too).

much more tidy boys room ready for decor and paint refresh

Don’t worry, there is so much more to come. This part had to happen to be able to move and get anything done.

The inspiration for the whole project is the shelving unit on the right. It used to be a computer server rack. I added wood inserts to it to make a great storage unit. My son really likes to play video games so he was super excited about the idea of a gamer/industrial themed space. I wanted this boy bedroom refresh to be able to grow with him and not lock him into something he would hate in a few years.

The plan as it stands right now is this (not necessarily in order):

  • Paint the walls a neutral grey color
  • Put up a metal feature wall by his desk area
  • Build him a headboard
  • Add fun unique decor touches that work with the space
  • Gamer-themed wall signs and pillows
  • New bedding

The headboard will include matching panels to the feature wall and I have a fun idea for some wall decor using leftover metal as well. I’m excited to show that off!

I created a mood board of sorts to give you an idea of where I want to end up and some of the elements that will be included in one way or the other.

mood board showing elements of inspiration for this boy bedroom refresh.

All this to say, stay tuned and follow along on facebook and Instagram to get some progress peeks.

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