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Where you can find me in the next few weeks….and a peek inside my brain…

In two weeks is the Lucketts Spring Market- I’ll be outside The Hummingbirds Nest on Saturday and Sunday demonstrating van Gogh fossil paint and answering any questions you may have (Psst… I’ve heard there might be a sale those days too).

The May painting class is scheduled for the 31st! Come get the full scoop to paint the snot out of some furniture and cabinets. Let me know what other classes you’d like to see happen and I will get those scheduled too!

It’ll be a total blast!!

Class flyer

I have quite the project list building lately… I’ve cleaned out my garage (I know you don’t believe me, I’ll post some pics soon) and emptied the storage place (ok, full disclosure, the last two pieces are leaving today). Here is just “some” of what I have…

ugly coffee table open ugly coffee table

I found this “beauty” on the side of the road. I think I know what I want from it… it’s not 100% clear though just yet.

paint splotch dresser

This doesn’t look like much, but I am currently envisioning a very rustic or chippy green hue…

dated china cab

Replace those dated handles… or not…. Possibly a navy with gold handles or….?

dresser minus drawer

and my new MAJOR project… I am thinking a bench for the body of the dresser and possibly dog beds for the drawers… it’ll take a bit I’m sure and be TOTALLY worth it!

You have any thoughts on these?

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