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Saved by Scottie Love it exterior rear
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Love it or List it… farm edition

Welcome to “Love it, or List it… Farm edition”. Our current “episode” started in back in January. Our real estate agent (who is FABULOUS btw… if you need one, hit me up, I’ll totally give you her name) sent…

Saved by Scottie Project Soup
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Project soup

I am up to my eyeballs in projects…It’s taking all my time lately so I thought I would give you a little summary of it all and you will have an idea of where I have been… I’ll get…

Just Me Makeovers Projects

Porch makeover

If you remember last summer, we embarked on a deck/ porch makeover.. it was a bit ridiculous. Once “monsoon season” finally subsided (seriously y’all… we have had 28 out of 30 days of rain), I knew something was going…

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My best find yet!

I love finding unique and fun pieces and when I saw this map/blueprint cabinet I had to try to get it. These things are so hard to find because they are so drool worthy- this was absolutely my best find…

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How about some Lemonade?

I now interrupt your regular blog for a bit of an uncommon post for me. Stay with me though.. I am about to tell you about something pretty incredible if you like fresh lemonade, orange juice, or any other citrus…

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Want a tour?

So I figure everyone loves to see a tour of someone else’s new digs, right? Otherwise, why would sites like Pinterest and Zillow and shows on HGTV and DIY Network be so popular, right? You’ve seen the outside of…

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Where have I been? Moving

SO… where in the world have I been? Well if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you have seen we have been moving. Yes.. to the country! Why? Well… have you ever had that “I just need to…

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My husband, my hero

I am going to get personal today. I feel like I need to say this so I am just going to. This isn’t about some DIY project. It’s about my family. If that’s not ok, come back later this…