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Building storage in the shop with Ryobi

I love my new shop. I know when it’s “done” (because let’s face it, will it EVER truly be D.O.N.E…..nope) it will be an amazing workspace. I love heading out there, I love not having unfinished work in my…

Makeovers Projects Ryobi

Entry closet makeover

I wish I could find the before picture I have that gives you the full horridness of the entry way closet… this is the best I can do for now.. it’s lost in the jumble of iPhoto, unlabeled and…

Blogging Modern Masters Ryobi Sponsors

Haven Conference 2014

I just got back from Haven Conference 2014! This year was even more incredible than the last! There were so many really cool companies that want to get into the DIY blogging arena. It’s so neat to see major…