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custom sofa table

A few weeks ago I had someone contact me about a custom sofa table. She’d been using stacked boxes to hold their cable boxes for far too long (don’t we all do something like that?). They had a fabulous sectional and a narrow table behind it would be perfect. The dilemma? The one side of the sofa was 92″ long! Custom was pretty much the only way to go.

The build wasn’t too complicated- a simple two level table. Off to Home Depot- this girl’s favorite store!

Once I got the parts, I basically just assembled it upside down.

SXS sofa table bottom

Please pardon my workspace clutter (this may or may not be what the inside of my brain looks like some most days…). Then I did the top section:

SXS sofa table top

Let me just tell you, pocket holes are your friend, and I could NOT have done with without my Kreg jig and Ryobi Sliding Miter Saw (insert big hug to them here). I use these nearly every build and couldn’t live without them.


Kreg Tools pocket holes and Shabby Paints stain beautifullness....

Kreg Tools pocket holes and Shabby Paints stain beautifullness….

I stained it using Shabby Paints Gelato in a custom mix of Dark Roast and Dark Cherry. It’s a water-based gel stain that is non-toxic and VOC Free and easy to work with. I burnished it with a paper bag between coats and man… it was a soft as a baby’s rear end when I was done- I may or may not have wanted to rub my face on it.

Once I got the supports done, I had to attach the tops. The screws I had were too short to hold it securely and I didn’t want them to be seen anyway, so I made my own counter sink. Ryobi Power Tools to the rescue! I drilled the first hole I needed for the screw into the support, then I used the stop in the kit to make a hole as wide as the screw head to make up for the extra 1/4 inch I needed. I think this picture will help:

SXS sofa table counter sink fake

When I was all done, it looked like this:

SXS sofa table front view shop

It’s too long to even get it all in the picture…. look-

SXS sofa table in shop

She has small children and was concerned they would try to crawl in and hide there so I made some panels to block off the ends where that might happen. Once installed on site (with my favorite Ryobi brad nailer), it looked like this:

SXS sofa table side view
SXS sofa table side view

and the front view:

SXS sofa table in place

(I love that art work). She was thrilled, and it goes so well in the space. Now there is a place for books, remotes, and drinks that’s out of the general traffic area.

What do you think? Could you build something like this? (I think you could)


(Companies like Ryobi Power tools and Kreg Tools have given me products to use and tell you about and some I have purchased myself. All opinions are mine though, and always will be)

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