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Decorative Metal and the Capital Home Show

Have you ever worked with decorative metal? I call it radiator grating. It comes in several designs and you can really do so much with it- I also think it adds a bit more character (and hiding power if you like) than the traditional chicken wire when used in place of glass.

A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in the Capital Home Show here in the DC area. It was an honor and so much fun! Ikea sponsored a series of Make & Take workshops where people could come and have a hands-on lesson in a quick project for their home. I love the idea!

I partnered up with Rachel Beach from Craving Some Creativity, MD Products and Plaid Crafts to teach a class on making a jewelry organizer. Have you heard of MD Products? They make several products, one of which is several patterns of decorative metal in sizes up to 36″- I love all their designs too! You can pick them up at Home Depot, Hobby Lobby and probably other craft and home hardware stores. Plaid Crafts makes several lines of decorative paints available nearly everywhere craft paints are sold.

For this project, we used wooden picture frames, painted them, cut the metal pieces, then attached with a staple gun and screwed decorative drawer pulls into pre-drilled holes. It was important the project be fun but user-friendly so I made sure I made a few examples a few days ahead of time.

I gathered my supplies:


Ok, I cut the sheet before I took the picture… but you get the idea. It’s very easy to trim if you have tin snips, then it cuts like butter. Wear gloves, cut metal can be sharp! A heavy-duty staple gun makes attachment super easy.

I decided it was easier to paint the frames before attaching the metal. The Plaid barn wood “look” kits they sent required more dry time than we had scheduled.. but, if you rub it on thin like a stain…. it dried in no time- Score! (and why I try everything out ahead of time) So I used that technique to quickly whip up two samples (Rachel made a few too).


On the left is Plaid Crafts barn wood kit, the right is a blue color acrylic paint with white paint rubbed over it in a circular-ish pattern to tone it out a bit and add interest. Aren’t they cute?

Teaching was a ton of fun! Here are some shots of the class at the Capital Home Show-

jewewlry-holder-workshop-7 jewelry-holder-workshop-6 jewelry-holder-workshop-1 jewelry-holder-workshop-3 jewelry-holder-workshop-2

It was really great to see everyone’s creativity with color choices and technique! I really enjoyed meeting everyone and doing this and hope I get to do it again soon!

I had some metal left over too (LUCKY ME!) and just happened to find a dated looking bread box at a thrift store… so I HAD to rescue it!


My husband was out-of-town so the next day I took my two youngest back to have a little fun too! They made some little Make & Take projects of their own-

They worked with Denise of The Painted Home  to make these adorable succulent terrariums (and then promptly named them Cori & Max).


Then they worked with Evey of Evey’s Creations and Lynn of On Fern Avenue to make fun signs sponsored by Unicorn Spit and Cricut.


Gracie loved working with the vinyl signage. Jack being Jack was more interested in creating his own masterpiece. He decided his sign of a spooky evening and ghost was far more fall-like than his sister’s creation. I loved watching them do it and being my first experience with Unicorn Spit (and Cricut too really), I might be hooked… I am looking forward to playing with both again very soon!

All in all, I would call the event a complete success- everyone had fun and got to walk away with something pretty.

What do you think? Are you inspired? I am! I have several projects I can already see using more metal around the house…. I’ll be sure to fill you in as soon as I do! I know you’ll love them too!




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