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Drink Local

About a month ago I was asked to teach a class at a local brewery. I was totally honored of course and thought it would be so fun! She wanted a fun sign for the first class so we thought “Drink Local” would be a fun theme.

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This was a perfect occasion to put my Cricut machine to great use!!

I went into Cricut Design Space and put together a basic stencil then cut it out on vinyl. Once that was done, I peeled out the letters and state (this process is called weeding) and was left with this:

Saved by Scottie drink local vinyl

Then I used transfer tape to make sure I had all the tiny parts in the same place as the original design:

Saved by Scottie drink local vinyl with transfer tape

Then I lined up the design on the plywood board I had stained with a custom mix of Shabby Paints reVax and pressed it down really well using a scraper (especially on the edges of the design- the process is called burnishing and is very important so you don’t have paint leakage).

Saved by Scottie drink local stencil in place

Then I used Shabby Paints White Ice to fill in the design elements (after I added some extra painting tape at the top so I didn’t have spill over). I used a dry brush stencil technique so the paint dries really fast and you can add layers quickly.

Saved by Scottie drink local paint applied

When I was all done, I peeled off the vinyl and screwed on the bottle opener:

drink local sign finished

How cute is this? So if you’re in the Northern Virginia area Thursday evening,  head out to Jack’s Run Brewing Company to Drink Local and come make your own!

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(Cricut was generous enough to send me product in exchange for sharing it with you. All opinions and experiences are my own, and always will be.)

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  • Reply
    Alison Palmer
    May 11, 2017 at 8:18 AM

    What a great sign! In Tidewater Virginia we also have dozens of local breweries popping up. It would be terrific of they could loosely band together and use such a sign to communicate with patrons.

    • Reply
      May 12, 2017 at 8:07 AM

      Thank you Alison- That’s a neat idea for sure!

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