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Umbrella Dresser with DLawless hardware

Furniture flip: Umbrella girl poster dresser dresser with new hardware from DLawless Hardware.

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Hey there- Welcome to another edition of the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest! I am so happy to be hosting this one- this month is brought to you by DLawless Hardware. Check out their amazeballs website– the selection is huge and the prices are fantastic! I love a good dresser makeover, don’t you?

Y’all know that sometimes the furniture “talks” to me, right? I have had pieces sit around for years and then BOOM! Well… actually it’s generally more like a whisper…. Pssstt…. come here…. I think I might like this…. That is exactly what happened with this piece. It’s been in the shipping container in my front yard for 2 years. I walked in one day and it said “Hey! How’s it going? I’d think you might want to check out your poster stash for me” So I did.

Saved by Scottie DLawless umbrella dresser poster stash

Kind of neat, right? I had other idea when I found this in the clearance section of the store…. but never found the piece that I thought would work best with it… Then this gal called out to me… and did you know when I held that poster up, it was a PERFECT fit on the drawers?! Yea…. it was totally meant to be, don’t you think?

Saved by Scottie dLawless umbrella dresser before

I started sanding the top and then remembered I should get proof of how she started- so this was mostly the before.

I pulled off the key hole cover using a putty knife because I didn’t want a lump and the key is long gone unfortunately. Then I got some water and a cloth and peeled the veneer off using this technique.

Saved by Scottie DLawless umbrella dresser removing the keyhole insert

Then I masked off the sides so I could attach the poster.

Saved by Scottie dLawless umbrella dresser ready for poster attachment

A few months ago Gorilla Glue sent me some things to play around with. One of the things they included was this product:

Saved by Scottie DLawless umbrella dresser awesome gorilla glue adhesive

When I talked to them about it at Haven last year as an up and coming product, they mentioned it was for paper. I knew this had to be a great way to give it a try! I sprayed it on both the back of the poster and the front of the dresser and gave it a minute to set. I was super careful to line it up just so before I pushed it in place as once I did, it was never moving again.

Here is a tip for you- WEAR GLOVES! This stuff is INSANELY sticky! You are NOT getting you fingers apart without acetone if you get this stuff on them. The cap had an explosion issue at one point and the spray went everywhere- including the driveway. I had gravel permanently adhered to my shoes, pants, and even parts of my body for a while- it was hilarious.

Once I had the poster attached, I used a (new) razor blade to carefully cut roughly between each drawer and support. Then I pulled the drawers out and used the razor to clean the cuts up. Then I used sandpaper to smooth out all the edges so nothing would catch. I then used a spray sealer on the poster to offer some protection.

I made a custom mix of Shabby Paint to get close to one of the grey tones in the photo and painted the entire piece in that color.

Then I realized I was going to need to find the holes for the drawer pulls…. I pulled out my upholstery supplies and grabbed a pin.

Saved by Scottie dLawless umbrella dresser marking knob placement

I used that to push from the back through the center of the hole to mark them so I would know where to place the knobs.

Saved by Scottie DLawless umbrella dresser ready for knobs

You can kind of see the tiny little holes if you look closely on the left and right of the drawers.

When the knobs showed up, I was so excited! Have you ever looked at really good quality glass knobs? They are amazing! They will totally take your piece to the next level- and when you’re using antiques.. they just work. I picked these because they kind of reminded me of umbrellas…

Saved by Scottie dLawless umbrella dresser knobs

Once I installed them, I hauled the entire thing out to The Painted Pig and placed it on the floor…

Saved by Scottie dLawless umbrella dresser

What do you think? Will you look at posters in a different way now? I love the way this piece turned out and I especially love how the knobs added to the final piece but don’t draw your eye away from the focal point of that cute red umbrella.



I want to thank Dlawless Hardware and Gorilla Glue for their help on this piece. As always, all opinions are my own and I am very grateful for every sponsor I work with. I use these products and really like them, or I wouldn’t share them with you.

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    2nd Chances Boutique
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    It’s absolutely stunning, I love it!!

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      April 25 at 5:49 PM

      Aww, thank you friend- I am so glad you like it!

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