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Filming? Fun with NAHB

You may recall in my last post I mentioned filming an educational video with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). It was SO much fun! The piece is a very basic explanation about the National Green Building Standard and using “green” builders and contractors with a bit of knowledge on where to find information on standards and ratings for those builders and contractors.

We filmed in a model home built by Nexus Energy Homes that is a Net-Zero home. This means should you purchase one of these  homes, it produces as much energy as it consumes- You may NEVER see a utility bill! How incredible would that be?! I love the idea of having a smaller negative impact on the world around me.

I don’t guess there is a whole lot more to say about it. I will share the link of course when it comes out. The people I worked with are wonderfully nice professionals that I would happily work with every day. They can get the job done and have a great time doing it- who wouldn’t want to work with people like that?

I am not the most “crunchy” girl. (Though I do consider my self a fairly good steward of the gifts I have been given.) I think I am going to work on a post about the “green” benefits of van Gogh. Not because it’s the only product of that type out there, (Mandie from Altar’d shares a lot of the same feelings I do in this post ) because it’s the product I know best and maybe I can share some things some of you may not know.

I really encourage those of you who are interested in reviving your space to really look at the products you choose. Please make sure they’re a good quality and don’t forget to think about your health. Do they seem easier now but may possibly hurt you in the long run? There may be a product that operates the same way and has less of an impact on you personally. Don’t take one person’s word for it either and never be afraid to ask for documentation or even just how they know- It’s just not worth your health.

Here are a few photos of the day. Just because I think they’re fun!

                   nahb working nahb testing3 nahb testing2 nahb testing nahb sound guy nahb shopping nahb primping nahb marking nahb listening nahb filming nahb door nahb direction5 nahb direction4 nahb direction3 nahb direction2 nahb direction nahb crew nahb connection nahb blogger nahb blogger silly

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