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My fireplace makeover

I painted the brick. There. Go ahead and tell me what a terrible person I am. I can live with it. I could not stand the color of that blasted fireplace. I have been dying for a new one from Modern Ethanol Fireplaces for so long now. It has been a source of irritation for ages. I have had countless “plans” for it and having a Designer friend over bought it all together one afternoon so much so that I dove in and just did it before I changed my mind.

We were inspired by a rock- Yep. a simple rock sitting on an old buffet waiting to be refreshed and being used as a liquor cabinet in the meantime.

fireplace inspiration sxs

Here is the before and without the teeny tiny mantle… (can you tell my least favorite feature? followed closely by the horrid brick supports…ick) I considered getting a new fireplace from somewhere like Gastech Heating & Fireplace Calgary but I enjoy DIY so I thought I’d try my hand at a fireplace makeover!

fireplace before sxs fireplace before no shelf sxs

I vacuumed the whole thing REALLY well and then painted it with fossil paint in Muse. Brick is INCREDIBLY absorbent. I was a little surprised with how much paint I used on that first coat.

fireplace mid muse sxs

It looked like bread. Seriously. Muse is a very neutral beige with a slight green hue. It’s a fabulous color- just not on my fireplace all alone. That’s ok though.. it work great for my master plan…

I mixed a custom gray, brown, green, stone color then played with the depth of the color until I came up with what just seemed right and made a huge bowl of it.

Then I used a very nappy roller to roll the darker color on top of the base. Ended up with this:

fireplace mid no grout sxs

So I started filing in the grout with a brush:

fireplace work sxs

(the 5 year-old took this pic and is VERY proud of it)

ended up with this:

fireplace tiny shelf sxs

ok, still no. That mantle has GOT to go. While I would love to find a gorgeous piece of crazy thick burled driftwood to use, that was not in the cards or the budget. So.. plan “B” I made it thicker all by myself. Ryobi One + Airstrike technology to the rescue!

fireplace ryobi airstrike sxs

My favorite tool EVER. I love this brad nailer. I can’t tell you how many times I use it and that it is battery-powered is SO awesome! I don’t have to drag a huge cord or compressor around, it’s not crazy loud… seriously, I can use this during nap time and not wake up a soul!

I put a bead of glue along the edge and then nailed the 1/6 into place… Yep.. why build a brand new mantle… this one was fine and already set up perfectly. I just nailed 1×6 boards to the outside.

fireplace shelf build sxs fireplace shelf build

going for the industrial look for the whole room so I didn’t even miter the corners (didn’t that work out easy?)

I caulked the edges for cosmetic purposes and once the caulk was paintable, I went to town.

fireplace shelf paint sxs

I painted the wood in Chivalry fossil paint and when that dried, I used Glamour Glaze to give it an amazing metallic sheen. While that was drying, I decided it needed more and grabbed some cabinet concealer glaze. I brushed it on the brick in places and then wiped it off.

fireplace glazing sxs fireplace glaze close sxs

Got so excited I had to take the picture before it was dry all over (it has a long open time so it takes 36 hours to dry- who has patience to wait that long for a picture? not THIS girl!)

fireplace after

Next up? Painting the trim in the ENTIRE room white. Will be worth it in the end.. but wow.. it’s going to take a bit.

(Ryobi supplied me with some awesome tools to share with you, though all opinions are my own… and always will be)

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    July 2 at 8:51 PM

    Love it Scottie!

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      July 2 at 9:01 PM

      Thank you Joanne! Me too! SO much better! 😉

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