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Follow that buffet

Of course I forgot the before picture.. so please just trust me that this was high gloss cherry-ish and boring. Since I am a ding-dong, let’s do things a little backwards today… Here is how the buffet looks finished:

SxS finished buffet

This is a bit of story about how it got there. I wanted to try a bit of experimenting with technique so I started layering colors. I heavily dry brushed Shabby Paints Marine Blue all over the entire body of the buffet and over that I dry brushed Vogue. For the drawers I went backwards; first Vogue, then Marine Blue. I wet distressed the whole thing.

It was too dark so I pulled out the Tiffany and added some and wet distressed again. I added a bit of Licorice.

SxS left leg close up

SxS right leg close up

The top was very choppy looking so I mixed some Vogue and Licorice and used my VAX applicator sponge to apply it in just kind of rubbing it all over. It gave a kind of water-color effect to the entire top. (Ignore the gold edges, I’ll get to that)

SxS top close up

Once I did that, I knew I loved it, but couldn’t figure out the handle situation.

SxS no handles buffet

The ones that were on it are on the left. They were more beat up then I would have preferred and really just “brought nothing to the table” (pun intended). The ones on the right were in my stash of random hardware and nope.

SxS choices buffet

I texted my “muse” her response was “umm, arrows from Hobby Lobby” OF COURSE! I had to go to two different ones to find them and they had only the 5 I needed. They were of course not on sale… but I knew it had to be these. (If someone from Hobby Lobby is reading this, please don’t discontinue these handles, they’re so fabulous)

I sealed it all with Shabby Paints Sheer VAX. It needed just one more little touch…. so I spooned out some Shabby Paints Vibrant Gold Shimmer Glaze in a plate and let it sit to gel up. Then I rubbed it on the edges of the top just to give it a little highlight.

SxS gold highlights

While at Hobby Lobby I found a cute stencil and hit the clearance aisle and found a damaged sign for dirt cheap. I painted over it with Lillian Grey and when that was dry, I painted a coat of Alamo and white it was still very damp, I used a paper towel to wipe it off in a haphazard non pattern way to end up with this: SXS sign base

I used the cute stencil I found, Vogue and a combo of Pardon Me, Vibrant Gold, and Brown Bronze to create this:

SxS follow that dream sign

In the end I really love the way it turned out. The color combo and final finish are probably one of my most favorite things. Don’t be afraid to experiment or try something new. It could be totally amazing!

SxS follow that buffet


(Hobby Lobby most likely has no idea who I am. All opinions are my own and always will be)



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