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GIFF 2014 photos- Fri

Ok, computer issues handled… it’s not all better but I can post things and have a general handle on the most urgent of situations that occurred as a result of being computer less for several days and having to mostly start fresh….ugh.


Anyway, I love the GI Film Festival. It is a wonderful event that brings attention to the troops. The films shown celebrate the military and lots of times highlight issues and concerns with the lifestyle, and fall out from multiple deployments.


Here are some photos from the nights I was able to attend this year:

GIFF old town theatre

The films were shown at The Old Town Theatre in Alexandria. It is a classic old theatre with an amazing history.

giff 2014 travis team

Gary Sinise was there Friday with his foundation. He brought Travis Miller with him. His movie is incredible and I know I have said this before, if you have the opportunity to see it, please do. You will be inspired and moved by his incredible story.

GIFF color guard

I love the pomp and circumstance.

GIFF founders

Founders Brandon and Laura Millett

giff 2014 me gary sinise

I was blessed enough to get to interview Gary Sinise again this year. He is such a gracious man with a true heart for the troops and really helping them.

GIFF Masonic temple

Not the great picture as I took it from car as we drove up (sorry). The after-party was at the Masonic Temple just up the street from the Theatre. What a place!

GIFF dancersThere were dancers for entertainment.

I was able to see some pretty special places in the temple:

GIFF Temple view sxs

This is the view from the top of the temple. It is absolutely gorgeous and you can see for miles.

GIFF Rich Little show sxs

on the little mini tour, we were lucky enough to get a private show by Rich Little, RICH LITTLE! I remember watching him with my family and he was such a dear man, he even took a photo with me so I could send it to my dad- a HUGE fan. GIFF sxs Rich Little

Isn’t he adorable? (pardon the grainy iPhone photo)

I’ll share the photos of Saturday night tomorrow.




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