Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for (not necessarily in order):

Possibilities- 2013 is going to be an adventure and I am really looking forward to the ride!

My husband– he cooked the entire meal by himself. He is an amazing cook and it was delicious! I am very much looking forward to the leftovers for the next several days.

My Family– these kids are crazy, they’re a special kind of wonderful, and I am so grateful for them. The love they show each other isn’t normal and we are blessed- I know it!

YOU– I am thankful you care to read what I post and even comment on it sometimes. I’m so happy to know others share my affinity for nutty projects.

The Military– many men and women aren’t home with their families today because they’re making sure I can be safe while I celebrate with mine. I know this. It weighs heavy on my heart and I am grateful for their service and sacrifice.

Music & LaughterРit fills my home most of the time. As over-stimulating as it can be, it is a blessing to have Gracie dance around and sing at the top of her lungs while Jack tries to follow along and the older girls laugh at their ridiculousness.

My amazing friends– those who live near and mostly those who live farther away. It takes effort to stay connected when you aren’t next door, I’m thankful they make it.

My steam mop– seriously, my kitchen floor is GROSS. (who puts WHITE tile in a five bedroom house? You wouldn’t have kids or pets…honestly) That steam mop makes cleaning it up SO much faster and easier than it was before I had it. I don’t like doing it… at least it’s less of a chore.

…and of course the internet– without it I wouldn’t have Craigslist to find fun stuff to play with, Pinterest to be inspired, the ability to blog, and follow others who post about the wonderful things they do.

There’s SO much more.. this is just a sampling.

I hope you are having a wonderful day with your families and remembering what you are most thankful for as well. Thank you again for being here… and coming back.

Hugs and Love!


How about you- What are you thankful for?

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