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Holiday Gift Ideas

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas


Photo from JD Thomas, Creative Commons.

This year I thought I would mix it up a little.. Because while I am a DIYer and love tools… I am also a girl and occasionally do try to look nice… Here is my take on gift ideas for 2015 tools and other stuff:

Power tools.. Specifically Ryobi Power Tools.

Why Ryobi? Umm, because they’re awesome! They have a fantastic line up of “shells” to fit their One Plus line of rechargeable batteries. All the shells are affordably priced and perfect for the DIY or new to tools set… however, don’t run off if you’re a contractor or seasoned builder. These tools are packed with punch and the larger battery gives you more torque to work better, smarter, faster (can you hear the Tim Taylor growl?). If you don’t have any yet, never fear! They are running some incredible specials for the holidays…

If you are new to DIY or need to build your tool stockpile.. the Starter Combo Kit is a great place to begin. It’s only $79 and comes with a drill/driver, 5.5″ circular saw, a battery, charger and handy carrying case.



Super combo kitIf you need to add a bit more, try the Super Combo Kit. It has the same tools from the basic, plus a reciprocating saw, flashlight, and a larger carrying case for only $149. (This is how I got started and I still use every piece)


Straight Finish NailerIf you have all those and are ready for the coolest tool ever.. you need the Straight Finish Nailer. You will never feel more powerful than when you have one of these in your hands! It’s just the tool (you use the battery you already own) and it’s only $179 for the holidays.
Dril Driver kit Drill Driver kitStocking Stuffers? No problem.. You’re covered… They have DockIt Starter Set ($19.97) as well as the Compact Drill/Driver Set ($79)on sale too.

It may seem like a lot.. but having the right tools for the job really changes everything. I push Ryobi because they’re super nice people, but also because they’re affordable and we all need to keep more of our very hard-earned money in our own pockets these days.


batting glovesMoving on… Batting Gloves are my #1 favorite thing that I can never have too many of. They’re less expensive than work gloves and I LOVE them when I am building, painting, sanding, working…. They protect my hands (and nails when I have them) when I am sanding and working. Did you see my “blood blister” incidents on Instagram? These would NOT have been an issue if I had been wearing the gloves when hammering small items. :/ They pretty much mold to your hand shape and you forget you’re wearing them. You can do nearly anything you can do without them on so you’ll certainly be more encouraged to put them on and use them, which is what we all want. Can’t tell you how much I wish a tool company would come out with actual gloves for women’s hands that we would want to keep on.. batting gloves would be a lovely place to start… (P.S. I like them in bright colors so I can find them.. they come in all kinds of “normal” colors too.. like all black)


SoRebI love a good reuse to keep waste out of landfills. Did you know you can do that with lipstick? Yea, me either… Introducing Sophisticated Rebel. “This is not your mother’s lipstick” You purchase a fabulous ‘blade’ that you use than refill when you’re done. The slim and stylish packaging fits in your pocket so easily or there is an included clip to attach it to a chain. I love the polished steel that can be engraved with your favorite message or left mirror like to check your look. I found them on twitter (@soreb) and we’ve been talking about life for a few months. When I told them I wanted to tell all of you about their awesome product, they were kind enough to send me one so I could personally vouch for it- I can, it’s great! Moisturizing, fab performance and I love the reuse and keep it out of a landfill mentality. It is luxury lipstick at a drugstore cost and who doesn’t love that?! Check them out and see for yourself!


workbootsEvery DIYer should have a decent pair of work boots.. Have you ever dropped a tool on your foot? Yea, I have, and as you can imagine, it hurts. I did a ton of research and bought these for my husband. He liked them so much he was kind enough to buy them for me. Fabulous steel toe work boots made by Timberland and they are seriously incredible! SOOOO comfortable right out of the box with no breaking in period. I wear them all the time and scrapped the toes up the first day… no matter, now they just look vintage and I can walk through the woods and even in the rain, drop stuff on my toes and hardly notice. Plus it’s winter and I get to pretend to be mildly stylish.. Timberland is still “hip” right?


Blinc IncI wear makeup.. sometimes. I mean when it’s me and the deer, I have found they don’t really care. However, there are times, I really just have to remind myself I clean up ok. Here’s the thing… I don’t really care for mascara. I mean, I like what it does and being a redhead you can’t really see my lashes without it. It’s messy and runny and sweating while working? Forget about it. The water “proof” stuff has never worked well for me either. A few years ago someone introduced me to a mascara that is unlike any other and I LOVE it. I will never be able to wear any other kind (believe me, I have tried in a pinch). It’s called Blinc. What’s so different? Well, instead of painting on a product, this product actually forms little “tubes” around your lashes. It looks fantastic, stays put, and only comes off when you want it to. Getting it off requires no special chemicals either- warm water and very gentle pressure. Tears and sweat are no problem either. If you do happen to trigger some way to get the tubes to release, it just looks like an errant eye lash on your cheek and not like you were trying out a new raccoon costume.

NIMBUSFinally, I would be remiss not to mention my new favorite gardening tip- for the person who has the “ashen” thumb… the Nimbus Pot planter. I L.O.V.E. mine. I planted in it the beginning of September and just last week had to add water- that’s THREE MONTHS! Let me tell you, that houseplant is HAPPY too! I can’t wait for it to warm up enough for me to plant things outside! I will use these things all over the place! Best Part?! They’re on sale right now for $10 off! You don’t even need a “secret code” to get the deal!

Can you imagine the impression you’d make showing up with one of these planted with a pretty poinsettia for the holidays, or a rosemary bush… or really anything? Great for everyone- newlyweds, mom, hostess, grandpa, neighbors… you can paint or decorate the outside, or even slip it inside a larger planter too.


That’s pretty much my take on good stuff for the holidays. Some of these products were provided to me to review and share, some weren’t. All opinions are always my own though and always will be. If I didn’t like something, you’d most likely never hear about it from me. I’ve got some fun house redo to share with you if I can get my act together in the next few days…. Here’s hoping.. they’re pretty cool!

Happy Holidays! Lots of love!



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