Holiday Place cards with Ryobi

Hi there! Been super busy lately building and flinging paint around. Check out Instagram for current details on the most current craziness and messes… Here’s a fun quick project….

Ryobi asked me if I wanted to participate in their Quick and Easy Gift Ideas promotion. Umm, YES PLEASE! Guess what?! You are SO glad I did, and didn’t even know it yet WHY?! because YOU get to WIN something!! Well… one of you does… Isn’t that SO awesome?! More on that in a minute…

What did I make? Well, it was a bit “craftier” than I am normally (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but I think it’s pretty darn spiffy. My “guidelines”: It had to be quick (complete gift in under an hour not including dry time) and fairly easy on the skill level…

Hmm… Boy… did I have ideas floating around… however, I am never sure what “easy” means since technically EVERYTHING is easy once you know how. I polled friends, I went into deep thoughts, and in the end, I did what I try to do all the time- I reused useless stuff no one wants lying around… (and is my wonderful husband happy I have less stuff lying around? NO, he didn’t even notice! Hrmphh)

At the end of Haven this past year, the people at the Pure Bond Plywood table were kind enough to give me a VERY large portion of the “samples” they had left. They are roughly 6″ squares and Umm, what was I going to use them for? I.D.K. but surely “something” right?

SXS PureBond sample front 2


Walked past those samples on the shelf  in the garage while I was thinking about making this..

sxs finished tree

because originally that is what I was going to show you… except it took more than an hour to make… and wasn’t really a “gift” idea… (It’ll be posted on Ryobi Nation soon though anyway, because don’t you still want to know how?)


sxs purebond on shelf

Hmmm… Eureka! How about little trees? What? little trees? what for? Well, what if I wanted to show off Shabby Paints? Did you know it’s INSANELY easy to make colored chalk boards with Shabby Paints? Yep, it is. So I did. I made little tree place card holders you can write guests names in chalk and they can take them home… Holidays, weddings, whatever.. any color you want.

SXS finished placecards

All the steps and lots more pictures can be found on my Ryboi Nation project list.

Oh! You want to win some cool tools? for MY VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!! Ryboi was kind enough to give me a set of their new Phone Works tools to give away to you- isn’t that exciting?! I know I am over the stinking moon about it! I LOVE Ryobi and I just know you will too!

How? It’s SO easy! Just go to this link , upload a picture of your DIY holiday project and click my blog name (Saved by Scottie in case you forgot) in drop down list. Woot!

What are the Phone Works tools? It’s a set of noise suppressing headphones (with microphone), a laser level, laser distance measure, and stud finder (Brian says he’s the only one I need) that attach to your smart phone and transform your phone into your smartest tool. I love mine, they’re SO handy and easy to use with the Free Phone Works app. What I really loved? The app prompted me to enter the info and registered each tool with Ryobi when I plugged then in. How awesome is that?!

SO anyway, head over to Ryobi Nation and join, upload your project pic and let me know if you win some free tools! Then come back here in a day or two and check out the link to build a pallet tree of your own. (Hopefully yours will fit in your house… but more on that later)

Happy Holidays!



(Ryobi was so fabulous to send me some tools to complete this project and make sure I wanted to give them away to you- I love that! Pure Bond gave me the samples and had no idea what/if ever I would do with them- neither did I- As usual though, all opinions and wacky stories are completely my own)



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