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Lingerie Chest Makeover

I find a lingerie chest underrated. They are a great place to store jewelry and unmentionables, don’t take up a lot of room, and can be quite attractive. Updating them doesn’t have to be difficult. Here is how you can do it with a little paint and some drop cloth from the hardware store.

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This one was lovely, though a bit dated (don’t worry, the handles were there, they just came in a drawer).

lingerie chest before. white french provincial style no handles on it. in snow in front of barn workshop

The first thing I did was clean it really well and then give it a good look over. (No idea why I have no photo of the compartment insert for jewelry before.) I have a thing for vintage markings so I immediately decided not to remove the sticker on the mirror. I cleaned the whole pieces from top to bottom and removed the top to paint it separately.

top open on vintage lingerie chest. no jewelry insert present. mirror has vintage sticker on it.

Then I got to work on the insert. The velvet was in good shape, I just did not prefer the color. I find vintage velvet can also be a huge dust attractor. I decided to replace it with drop cloth instead.

Drop cloth is a great neutral color and wears well so I love using it for simple reupholstery and special projects like my fireplace repurpose and jewelry display frame.

jewelry compartment main box after cross pieces removed

Allow me to introduce you to Heat Bond. This is a great no-sew adhesive that made redoing these inserts a breeze. The adhesive melts with heat.

insert piece of velvet covered jewelry compartment insert and strip of heat bond product draped over

Using Heat Bond is simple. Cut the sheet to your desired size, set your iron according to the package directions (each bond strength has a different setting), iron the first side in place…

heat bond ironed on waiting for pell off of paper and next step.

…then peel off the protective paper, stretch your fabric over and iron everything together.

close up of heat bond applied and waiting for top fabric and second ironing

Curved head scissors have a small cupped tip to get into the tight cross lap areas so the joint will still work.

top view of curved head scissors on sage terry cloth background
side view of curved scissors on sage terry cloth background

To secure the fabric in the main box, I used the Heat Bond on the bottom and sides and folded and trimmed Then stapled the sides around the edge to keep it all in place.

open compartment of lingerie chest after makeover with drop cloth

Putting everything back together after painting, the lingerie chest was placed in its new home…. mine.

finished lingerie chest with top open and jewelry displayed on wall behind it.
finished grey lingerie chest in place next to window with other jewelry displayed on wall behind it.

I am moving towards keeping more of the pieces I find most special. After all, why should everyone else have all the fun?

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pinnable image leading back to post about the lingerie chest makeover

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