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Metal Tile Wall in a Boy’s Bedroom

In part 3 of the boy’s bedroom refresh series, I’ll show you how I made a feature wall from metal tile. This part of the project gets me the most excited because it really sets up the room. I love using these tiles because they are also magnetic. Pretty with a purpose is my favorite.

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This project series is sponsored by Aspect Tiles. They make different types of DIY friendly, self-stick tiles to cover many home decor styles.


My son has this oddly shaped wall in his room. It’s on the right as you walk into his room. I knew it would be a great feature wall to tie the whole room together.

odd wall corner in a young boy's room.

I was so excited when the tiles arrived so I could get started. The first thing you need to do is prime the wall. Any primer will work fine. This gives you an ideal surface for the adhesive to stick to. It doesn’t have to be pretty or opaque coverage. You’re just going to cover it up after all.

wall in bedroom with a coat of primer on it.

I also knew I had to paint the walls and didn’t want to risk getting it on the metal tile once the wall was complete. SO I quickly threw up some edge paint so it would be there when I was ready to roll out all the walls (an advantage to using a matte/flat paint)

wall of room near the accent wall with the new paint on the edges


Once you cut the metal tile, the cut edges will be pretty sharp. You have a few choices: You can leave them alone and risk injury (NOT recommended at all), use a metal file to file down the edges, or put up some edge trim.

I am certain there are several kinds of trim you can use. I wanted a low profile one that would blend with the product itself, and still cover the edges, so I chose a Schluter tile trim in black pvc. There are all kinds of different styles and profiles. I liked this one because it was far less expensive than the metal version and because it’s made of pvc, it’s easy to cut as well. I ordered it direct from Home Depot and they shipped it to my house in 8 ft pieces. The only downside to this type of trim, is that you have to put it on before you start.

long pieces of metal tile trim laying on a carpeted floor of a bedroom

Luckily, it’s SUPER easy to install. Cut the piece to fit the space you need to put it in, then place a bead of construction adhesive along the edge.

accent wall with construction adhesive along the edge ready for trim to be placed on it.

Then press the trim in place, lining it up along the edge of the wall.

after shot of the trim in plae
close up of the trim in place.

When totally finished, I gave it about an hour for the adhesive to set completely.

Metal Tile Install

Time for the metal! I used tin snips to cut the angle on that top edge. Tin Snips can leave a bit of a bend to the edge so using a mallet will straighten the edge right out.

close. up of metal tile and a double headed rubber mallet

The trim does add a bit of bulk to the surface, and I was worried about seeing the profile change when it was all finished. The adhesive on the tiles has a little bit of height to it so I decided to cut it off along the edges to make up for the trim.

tile trim piece used to cut off self adhesive edge of metal tile and utility knife

A bit of construction adhesive on those edges will keep it tight against the wall and trim. All I had to do was peel off the adhesive and stick it on the wall.

edge of metal tile with construction adhesive spread on it.

After the first few rows, it was really starting to come together.

first three rows of metal tile wall up

Once you get past the top section, it’s all straight cuts and goes really quickly.

3/4 of metal tile wall in place

And before you know it, the metal tile wall is finished!

metal wall complete
metal wall complete in daylight

Once I finished painting the room, I moved the desk into its new home.


metal tile wall with desk in place
full view of metal tile wall with desk in place

Oh! and remember I told you these metal tile are magnetic? Putting the desk there was purposeful on my part. Jack can now use that wall to put up notes, drawings, and assignments.

I bought some neat (and pretty darn strong) magnets that looked like they would work well with his new decor.

strong magnets in orange. and bright green plastic

Then I had some fun with putting up a few things on the wall.

metal tile wall with poster and facemask hanging on the wall with magnets
long view. of metal tile wall with desk. in place poster and facemask on wall held up with magnets

I think the metal tile wall is a great feature and the room is really coming together nicely, don’t you think?

Boy bedroom series:

Part 1 is Boy bedroom refresh and Part 2 is How to Bend Wood

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