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My dining room mini revamp

If you’ve been following along on Instagram we’re filming again.. Hooray! (If you’re not following along, why not?!) No idea how long it will be before i can show you… but you know I will.

This time it is truly inside my home. So if you nosey like that (and seriously, who isn’t?) you can see a small piece of our new house. Ok, I will show you now… but you can watch me show you how to get this incredible finish for yourself (and COMPLETELY overdress to hang stuff).

This is what we started with:

SxS dining wall before

You can see the light peeking out at the corner here:

sxs full wall before


ok, I know some of you love beige.. can I just say, nicely, I do not. Honestly, even a little bit. The whole house is this color and it is not at all growing on me- It actually depresses me. The worst part is I really analyzed my issue and it also is that while depressing.. there is technically nothing “wrong” with it. Therefore I mentally move painting WAY down on the list.. and the cycle continues..

Well, I have a firm grasp of what I want to do with this room, so I started here. It’s small so dark all over is too much. Enter the accent wall… but not just any accent wall- it HAD to be metallic and deep.

The room is tiny so here are some shots of what we were dealing with:

sxs filming wall before

Poor Jeff, these are tight quarters. He made it work though!

sxs filming Jeff

I settled on Blue. Here is the thing, Shabby Paints didn’t have a deep blue… So I begged. Lucky me, it worked, and I got something at least for my room. (Be nice to your boss people)

I started with one quick coat of Shabby Paints in Marine Blue. I probably could have skipped it, but since it’s over such a high contrast color with the blue, I didn’t want to risk making a mess on camera.

sxs wall first coat

You see what else I did there? I taped and used masking paper! Seriously, I NEVER do that. I just fix the mistakes later… we were on a timeline here and I needed to work fast, it was a good trade-off. Splotchy because you can see where I started to rush, but no big deal.. it’s a super dark color over it. (Which is a SO fabulous cheat)

One coat of Shabby Shimmer:

sxs shimmer coat done

It’s not even dry in this picture which also does not do the amazing deliciousness that this is any justice. Here is anther shot for you taken a week later when the paint was cured and had time to deepen.

sxs shimmer ready

You can see where I am going with all of this, right? When Brian’s father died last year we inherited ALL the family history- ALL of it. Super incredible pieces… but seriously, this house is TINY and I am all about purging. I didn’t want to move it out.. and I didn’t want to store it all either (there is a ridiculous amount of “history” y’all). Using it seemed like the best idea. We don’t do a ton of entertaining, but I also wanted the ability to actually use all this if I ever needed/wanted to. I came up with the “genius” (?) solution of 3M Command Strips. These things are awesome and the big ones can hold 16 pounds. Silver is heavy, but I pulled out the scale and we had 8 pounds on one thing.. so Command Strips it is!

I laid all the pieces on the floor.. and then I started panicking I couldn’t really “see” what it would look like in my head… so I went completely overboard, got out the graph paper and went nuts.

sxs graph paper render

Yes, that is to scale… I am an admitted lunatic and this was completely unnecessary. I played around with the arrangement until I was comfortable with what I was seeing and then laid it out on the floor again adding the smaller pieces and stuff I had found since I drew all the pieces.

Then I just started hanging… a few pieces couldn’t use Command Strips for one reason or another (mostly a lack of flat surface on the back) so for those I used plate rack/hooks. Now it looks like this:

sxs dining wall after

You see that crate I made from junk? It now has a fabulous purpose! I plan to fill the entire wall eventually. This is just what I could find in time for filming. I have two storage sheds of stuff to still sort through.

I figure you might want to see the rest of the room, so here you go:

sxs dining room other sidesxs dining window

It’s still a work in progress.. and I have an incredible plan for that window! It really needs light (that lamp has GOT to go)… I am thinking all those bottles on the property will play a part in that.. it’s coming…

Oh! I and I almost forgot the best part? You know that dark blue metallic Shabby Paints didn’t have? Now they do! It’s called Ben’s Blue and it’s stunning (don’t you think?)! I can’t wait to paint a piece of furniture with it!



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    So happy your business is thriving.😃

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      Thank you Dianne! I am certainly having a lot of fun!

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