My first go at recreating a “pin” went pretty well…button art

aka… inside the insane mind of a “non” crafter:

My first go at recreating a Pinterest Pin went pretty well.

The young girl up the street was having a baby. We gave her a neighborhood shower. How fun! Everyone contributed to a large gift, I just wanted to do a little bit more. Who doesn’t love handmade things for a new little one? Who doesn’t love CUTE things to hang on her wall? The baby was going to be a girl! Score!!

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Super cute girl- things are SO easy to find on Pinterest. Had to be something I could do super quick though- I have 4 kids, the two youngest of which are 3 1/2 and 2 and crazy busy… and into everything. How about button art?! Yes, button art! Do I have any buttons? Of course not- I don’t sew, I don’t collect buttons, I don’t scrapbook. SO it was perfect, right? Surely a quick run to the craft store will fix all of that….

at the craft store

Have you ever been a not-so-crafty girl at the hobby store? It’s a tad overwhelming…

Ok, I found the buttons.. Umm, what size, what color? She’s a girl, so pink is good.

Surely there is some jar of buttons I can purchase and figure it out when I get home. Nope, that would be too easy. Ok, small bag of various shade of pink buttons, check.

How many do I need? Ummm… probably lots and lots. I’ll buy three bags and come bag if I need to.

Back ground for this “art”? Scrapbook paper… fabric might be too busy. Head to paper aisle… Wow! Umm, just wow. Seriously, SO many different kinds, finishes, patterns, oy! Decided on a solid after wasting WAY too much time looking for a small girly print that wouldn’t hide the buttons. A light pearl-y purple.

On to frames… Oh dear. Is her furniture white? Is it dark? Is it natural colored? I vaguely remember her mother making a comment about espresso… a quick call to their house to ask her father… who had no idea and when he checked said it was “dark-colored”. Works for me, dark frame it is. Grabbed a cute oval frame and on to the next stop…

How to attach the buttons? Glue, what kind? Do you have ANY idea how many kinds of glue there are? Good Golly- I do now. I decided hot glue would do it for me this time. (Ok, in hindsight, there are probably easier glues I could have picked for this project) I don’t own a hot glue gun.. lol, the choices of those are vast as well. I decided on a high heat type. My logic was that would hopefully work for longer term and bought one as well as a small bag of additional sticks.

Pretty sure I had everything- Lord knows how much the whole trip cost me. Thankfully I have misplaced the receipt. Here’s another hot tip: never listen to the cashier when they announce the total. Home again, home again, jiggedy jig.

I lay everything out on the table. I needed a letter to use as a guide- oops, hadn’t really thought that far. Checked out the “Pin” I was copying.. What luck! It was an “S” just the letter I needed. Printed it out as large as I thought would work for my frame and cut it out to trace on the lovely purple paper in pencil.

Then I laid out the buttons over my pencil marks to try to get an idea for how it was going to work. Turns out it was going to look pretty cute! Hooray! Wasn’t this going to be so cute?!

I then just went to town glueing buttons. This is where I think a different kind of glue might have been a better choice…? Hot glue doesn’t move when you place it. White glue does. Sure, it takes longer to dry, there is just a bit more flexibility there. White glue is also less “stringy” hot glue has these strings of plastic that just hang from the gun to your project. It’s a chore and a half to clean them all up when you’re done. It did work though, so as I didn’t have additional paper, that was a blessing.

Here is the finished product:

All in all, not so bad for a first try at button art. What do you think?


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