My foyer declutter

Where have I been? Purging! The kids being home from school and underfoot is a momentum killer every year… that I was prepared for. The oldest graduating from high school and the ridiculous number of events and just “stuff” that goes with that?… not so much.

SO, congrats to her, she’s beautiful, I love her and am SO proud and blah, blah, blah… I gotta clean up this house.

The foyer has been a source of frustration for all of us for a while. Somehow everyone wants to pile their shoes as they come in and we’ve tried all kinds of solutions over the years none of which have worked for long. SO I finally broke down and bought a shoe storage cabinet at IKEA. The best part is it was a quick install, doesn’t take up a lot of room and will hopefully be a workable solution for the “home of too many people”.

We have a coat rack, sofa table. and mirror  just as you walk in the door. it feels crowded to me and when you look down to see the pile of shoes, it then looks cluttered too. It’s an odd set up anyway layout wise and I am not sure there is a whole lot we can do with the space. When you turn around, you see this:

sxs foyer hall before

On the left is a bathroom, straight ahead is a closet (that’s a disaster for another day) and so I decided the wall on the right was the best place for it. There isn’t a whole lot of room. You’ll see this has a fantastic thin profile.

sxs foyer wall before



It sits right up against the wall so I knew the chair rail would have to go. Luckily I have just the tool from my friends at Ryobi- the JobPlus- part of their One + cordless tool line. This thing is fantastic! It has interchangeable heads and I can use for all kinds of tricks. I have the head you see here, a straight saw type blade (yes, I am sure it has a “real” name, I don’t know what it is) and a triangular-shaped head for sanding tight spots. It’s far more handy than you realize, and in this case, it was perfect.

sxs ryobi job plus


I assembled the “box”, held it up against the wall, drew a line on either side and cut the moulding. It doesn’t gal off though because it was caulked in place to be pretty… so I scored the caulk and then pried the molding off with a putty knife slipped behind it to get the nails to release.

sxs wall mark(see my straight line?)

Then I was left with this:

sxs foyer wall molding gone

…and here is the moment in every DIY project where you realize, there is no turning back.. I hope I REALLY want this.

I marked the spots where the box needed to be secured to the wall and used molly bolts to make sure it didn’t pull out of the wall.

sxs foyer wall cab interior

I popped on the “drawers” and now the hall looks like this:

sxs foyer cab done

The only thing left is to get the “stops” for the door hinges that keep my four year-old from slamming the door into the cabinet (since the shoe cabinet also happens to be covering two dents in the wall from said child). Hopefully I will remember the next time I am in Home Depot.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook  you have probably seen some shots of my fireplace.. it’s coming along. I’ll be posting a whole thing on that in the next few days… I’m almost done and would have finished today.. if I hadn’t had to take care of household duties …those kids want to eat… every day… geez…

Happy DIY!




(while Ryobi did give me some incredible tools to use, all opinions are truthful and my own and always will be) IKEA has no idea who I am. 🙂


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