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No Sew Facemask from a Sock and a coffee filter

Some states have adopted mandatory facemask requirements. If you have a sewing machine and about an hour, I have a simple pattern. Don’t fret if you don’t have access to a sewing machine though. Here is a super quick no sew facemask for you, using only a sock and a coffee filter.

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supplies needed for no sew facemask creation. low cut socks, coffee filter, and sharp scissors.

It seems ridiculous to use a sock I realize, however, no one should be left out or unable to get essential items because they don’t have a mask (which you NEED to be wearing when you leave your home- please). It’s pretty easy and you can do it in just a few minutes.

Step 1

Take a clean low-cut sock (I recommend a men’s version since they’re largest) and cut off the ankle and toe parts.

low cut sock with ankle and toe portion cut off

Step 2

Cut about half way down from the top on both sides, about 3/8-1/2″ in from the sides. If there is a logo, and you don’t want it to show, put it on the cut side. It will go closest to your mouth.

sock cut on from top on both sides about half way down

Refold the sock so the uncut half faces down and the cut part is up.

cut sock spread out to show ear loops

Step 3

Fold a coffee filter in half

coffee filter folded in half

Step 4

Cut the coffee filter in half right up the middle…

coffee filter cut in half

…and spread out one half.

coffee filter cut in half and fanned out.

Step 5

Fold the right side over at about the 1/3 mark.

coffee filter with 1/3 folded over

Step 6

Fold the remaining left side over into the middle section.

coffee filter half folded into thirds

Step 7

Place the filter into the pocket of the mask.

no sew facemask cut from sock with folded coffee filter ready to be inserted
no sew facemask with coffee filter in place.

No Sew Facemask DONE!

Place the back of the no sew facemask against your face and stretch the loops over your ears to hold it in place.

woman modeling no sew facemask made from a sock and coffee filter

It even fits children pretty well too! (as modeled by my SON, who desperately needed a haircut before this all started)

young boy modeling no sew facemask made from a sock and coffee filter

That’s it!

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