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I recommend, use, and sell Shabby Paints non-toxic, VOC FREE paints, stains and finishes.

Chalk-Acrylic Paints

available in 42 colors with the matte finish we have all come to love.

Shimmer Paints and Glazes

15 metallic options to choose from that will enhance and take your piece to the next level.

VAX and ReVAX (plus new metallic reVAX)

Acrylic resin finishes designed for durability with ease of application. “Once you VAX, you’ll never wax again!”


gel-based stains to give a fab finish to raw or well prepared previously finished surfaces. Available in 3 color options.

Texture and Fracture

specialty products to add dimension or age

For more information, feel free to message me, or visit Shabby Paints website.

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