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Porch makeover

If you remember last summer, we embarked on a deck/ porch makeover.. it was a bit ridiculous. You can find those posts here and here. Once “monsoon season” finally subsided (seriously y’all… we have 28 out of 30 days of rain), I knew something was going to have to be done. We never even got to use the screened porch last year once it was done. We were ready.. but our porch was not. So I got to go SHOPPING FOR US! This doesn’t happen often. I’m usually on the hunt for everyone else. This was going to be fun!

Brian wanted a metal glider like we have up at the family camp in the Adirondacks. It nearly seven feet long and those are kind of impossible to find (if you have a line on one, PLEASE let me know). I scoured the internet and found something close and in a set on Craigslist. It was yellow and shorter, but would have to do. Putting it out there helped a bit for seating, but it was kind of sad-looking….

SxS porch makeover before

Let’s start with I despise that rug… ick. Brian bought in on a whim one day for the old house and it really couldn’t be more boring. I wish he had bought one from BAZAAR VELVET instead! He was going with practical, but I don’t understand why you can’t have at least a bit attractive too? The pallet coffee table was Brian’s idea too though and I think it is great. The perfect size and just works, (bonus that it makes me feel less guilty about my growing pallet collection and lack of time to make fun stuff out of them).

I was contacted by Stinger about testing their new bug zapper and with all the rain we have had and talk of mosquitos and the Zinka virus going on, I though this the perfect opportunity to venture on a mini porch makeover!

Home Goods just seemed like the perfect place to start, don’t you think? I had so much fun wandering around and dreaming… I found this desk for a friend:

SxS porch makeover Home Goods trip

and discovered that chicken stuff is the rage this season:

SxS porch makeover Home Goods chickens SxS porch makeover Home Goods chicken canisters

I may have neglected to mention we now have 35 chickens, ducks, and guineas…. (heaven help me) Hopefully I will get to showing you the giant coop we built soon…

I did find a rug and shot a pic over to Brian (I love technology)

SxS porch makeover rug

He approved (hooray). I used it to anchor the room and found some cushions and pillows at Home Goods. Shopping my own home, I picked up a few lanterns we’d used at the old house and a lamp I was going to sell at the shop (It needs a shade or something I realize, I’ll find one eventually).

Putting it all together the porch now looks like this:

SxS porch makeover after

I find this SO much more inviting and sit here for hours in the quiet watching the silly chickens.

The lantern bug zapper is fabulous too. The “barn door” sliders aren’t the most bug tight (Brian hates them) so the insects still manage to get in occasionally. Having this on the table is perfect at night and I love the peaceful violet glow.

SxS porch makeover Stinger on

It’s rechargeable and has a light feature too so I can send the kids back into the yard to collect their shoes and clothes once they come in for the night. It’s even attractive too so I can leave it out on the table and not have to hide in the corner or on a shelf.

SxS Stinger

I only wish I’d had it put together with our friends came over a few weeks ago… Oh well, next time, it’s ready!

This is my new favorite place in the house- and it isn’t even in the house. I know for a fact my next job will be another task on the exterior of the house, and that is hiring a marietta siding company in order to replace my siding! Its got a bit old and shabby now, so I can’t wait for that to be next on the list!


(Stinger was kind enough to send me a lantern to try out and share with you, Home Goods and Craigslist have never heard of me)

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