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Remember the Alamo…kitchen

Much like the Alamo, this kitchen was a battle. It didn’t look like it would be at first, just your run of the mill, “orange oak” cabinets the owner had decided he wanted up update a bit..

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Saved by Scottie Alamo kitchen sink before
Saved by Scottie Alamo kitchen fridge before
Saved by Scottie Alamo kitchen cook area before

He mentioned he’d like to move on from the gold hardware too… of course I sent him to DLawless Hardware right away and helped him find some fabulous cup pulls. I use and recommend them for the amazing selection combined with fantastic prices. The “icing” on the cake is that they ship super fast too… It’s a combination you don’t see often anymore.

I always prime kitchen cabinets- I consider it extra “insurance”. Before I start though, everything gets a deep clean and this was no exception. This time I used all the intense cleaners (including TSP substitute because I just had a “feeling”) then I deglossed and scuff sanded far more than usual….after a primer coat and two coats of paint (Shabby Paints Alamo White), the cabinets looked great and it was time to seal them…..

Guess what? 24 hours after the sealer went on I got a little surprise:

Saved by Scottie Alamo kitchen surprise stain
Saved by Scottie Alamo kitchen grease spots after sealer
Saved by Scottie Alamo kitchen close up of grease stain

Pretty sure it’s old grease swinging by to say hello from deep in the grain of the wood…which can happen sometimes.

Well, it was an unwelcome sight to say the least…I sanded the spots completely out and had to break out the big guns- oil based primer. I’d rather not usually, but in this case, it was more than necessary. Honestly, some of the spots had to be primed and painted three more times before they stopped bleeding through. The worst part is that you just don’t know if you’ve contained it until you spray the sealer and make it past the 48 hour mark… Ugh.

Painting the wine rack was a trick too. It had to be taken apart nearly completely to make sure to be able to reach all the corners and crevices. Putting it back in, I didn’t have the help I did taking it out so I was able to use science to lend an assist. I made a lever out of a couple of scrap 2x4s and lifted it in place from where I had rested it on top of the fridge. Jamming another 2×4 scrap under my lever created a fulcrum of sorts and held it in place long enough to get a few strategic screws in place.

Finally got all of it squared away and Voila! Fresh, updated kitchen!

Saved by Scottie Alamo kitchen sink after
Saved by Scottie Alamo kitchen fridge after
Saved by Scottie Alamo kitchen corner after
Saved by Scottie Alamo kitchen cook area after

I love the floor tiles he chose and I can’t wait to see the paint color he choses for the kitchen walls. I think the cup pulls make a huge difference too.

What do you think? Do you like this kitchen makeover or think it looked better the old way?



(While DLawless has provided hardware in exchange for sharing it with you, all opinions are my own and always will be.)

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    Jocelyn Lasher
    May 14, 2017 at 8:52 AM

    Live it Scottie, beautiful!

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      May 16, 2017 at 9:30 PM

      Thank you!

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