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RV remodel- rv shiplap

You may recall I have been working on remodeling an rv (the before photos are here). We left off with the couple who purchased it parking it here and immediately tearing everything out of it…. and I do mean everything. Once they gutted everything but the master bed platform, I got to work. Susie (the wife of the team) was my assistant- it was great to have a helper for a change and we had a great time working together. It was nice to have someone to bounce things off of too.

In the quest to get things lighter and brighter in there, rv shiplap was the name of the game. Since the slide out is the first thing you see when you walk in, it was the perfect place to use it. We cut down the boards to 4 inches and lightly sanded the edges.

Quick tip: using a “fine” blade on your table saw cuts down on the amount of sanding you have to do and keeps thinner boards from splintering.

Once they were all set, we headed back inside. Originally we thought we would keep the carpet in the slide out so we wanted to protect it… you’ll see later why that didn’t happen.

I really thought through attaching these, bumping down the road isn’t kind on things hanging on the wall. So construction adhesive our best friend here and we used the (Affiliate link) Ryobi Airstrike Brad Nailer  to tack it down in spots (NOTHING in an rv is square, plumb, level, or flush).

I decided starting at the top made the most sense.  It’s the main focal point since the ceilings are low, and if there was some huge mistake in the wall or a weird tiny thin cut, I could bury it in the trim at the bottom that you would probably never see.

My Ryobi Sliding Miter Saw made trimming these boards to size so easy.. and I can’t express how happy I am that I bought myself the saw stand. It was a lifesaver when dragging it out to be closest to the rv. Not having to walk back and forth saved a ton of time. (It has a great alternate use too… with the table saw, I can cut long boards alone and have them supported by just adjusting the end supports- I love Ryobi)

Cutting around the windows was tricky but I used a combination of a paper template and had scribing the edges then using my Dremel Rotary Cutter to get the curves.

With the back wall being the focal point, it was easiest to finish that then move to the sides. Then I could line up the pieces that way. The ceiling is sloped on the sides too.. that was another fun trick to figure out….

When it was all done, it was very exciting!

Now all it needed was paint:

It took about three coats but man, it made a huge difference in there. I don’t have photos of the finished space with nothing in it because painting was happening while we did other stuff.. I’m heading to get quality photos this evening so be sure to watch my Instagram feed for sneak peeks.

Next we moved on to the kitchen…wait till you see that! (Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss a thing)

Do you think you could take on an rv makeover?



(In the past Ryobi has given some tools to me in exchange for sharing them with you, some I have purchased on my own. Some of the links I posted are affiliate links- which means I get a small commission from your purchase to keep my blog running. You don’t pay more for your product- all opinions are my own and always will be)

To follow all the adventures of this rv, check out my client’s new blog- Empty Nesters on the Road.

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