A Shabby mantle

Ok, pardon my horrid garage… There is a WHOLE LOT going on in there.. and it’s on my list of places to “reclaim” in the next few weeks….

This is one of the fastest beautification jobs I have ever done. I started with a fireplace mantle that is well, kind of ugly and boring. It had been used as a headboard with an frame and what used to be a mirror… It was certainly unique and I loved the idea- certainly something to try later. I took it apart and decided to put the mantle back as a focal point….

SxS Shabby fireplace before

Ok, sneak peek of the final color too since I forgot the “real” before picture….


The shop where I sell most of my pieces is called Weathered Elegance. We’ve had a few mantles, they always sell so quickly… When we got this one, we wanted it to be a showpiece that was beautiful on it’s own, and accented the merchandise on and around it beautifully.


I used maybe 4 oz of Shabby paints in Garfield Grey and then finished it off with VAX. This is seriously the easiest finish I have ever used- dries super fast and NO buffing or reapplication- NONE! I am completely in L.O.V.E.

One coat of paint- that’s it!

SxS Shabby fireplace no distress



a quick distressing….

SxS Shabby fireplace with distress


SxS Shabby fireplace leg

Have you tried Shabby Paints yet? If you’re local pick some up at Weathered Elegance.. if not, check out https://shabbypaints.com/shabby-paintsretailers/ to find the stylist near you.

In place at the shop…..

SxS Shabby fireplace in Weathered Elegance


SO yes… I took the plunge and became a stylist with Shabby Paints. I love these products and just had to introduce them to you. I’ll still use and recommend all kinds of different things and brands as they’re appropriate because that’s what I have done all along and it’s who I am…. though seriously, you HAVE to try this stuff!

Oh! and that other former mirror turned headboard?

SxS Shabby headboard before

Just wait till you see what I did with that!



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    Bri Gates
    September 19, 2014 at 10:00 PM

    GGGGREAT read girl keep em coming :-). Useful tips and WHOAAA the transformations

    • Reply
      September 27, 2014 at 10:37 AM

      Thanks Brian! XO! Hope to see you soon!

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