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Skyline Art

I love teaching Make It Take It workshops at Home Shows. Introducing people to new products and showing them DIY is nothing to be afraid of is one of my very favorite things and this year is no exception. Using self-stick tiles from Aspect and beautiful plywood from PureBond, creating really cool Skyline Art was easy and fun!

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* This post is sponsored by Aspect Tile– beautiful, user-friendly, and unique grout-free tiles made for the DIY market and PureBond Plywood– high quality furniture-grade and formaldehyde-free plywood made in North America and available at Home Depot.



various self-stick tile options from Aspect tile with a tile scorer tool laying on top.

The metal tiles are just under 24″ long so I used a tile scoring tool (pictured above) to mark and then cut them in half using my cordless miter saw with metal blade.

reclaimed metal tile from aspect with a score line held down by two clamps ready to be cut

The rotary tool with a sanding wheel was an easy way to smooth that cut edge.

cut reclaimed metal tile from Aspect Tile with rough edge

On one of them I slipped with the rotary tool and left a mark on the tile. So I used that to my advantage and just put random sanding marks all over it.

reclaimed metal tile with random rotary tool sander marks

I decided I wanted to get creative so I pulled out some leftover acrylic paint and splatter painted one of the tiles.

reclaimed metal tile splatter painted with teal acrylic paint.

Using a snap blade utility knife I cut apart the tiles from the collage set. It’s easiest to do from the back side. Folding the tiles to see the lines makes it super easy.

small snap blade utility knife laying on an Aspect Tile stone and metal collage tile.

Dry fitting the pieces in place first makes sure you’re happy with the look.

splatter painted metal tile with small stone and metal tile pieces laid out to resemble a city skyline

Quick Tip: If you want to alter the size of the small pieces, they’re very easy to cut with tin snips.

Once you know it’s all in the right place, just peel off the back and stick the tile down. Make sure it’s really where you want it though. Once it’s on, it’s will not want to come off easily.

small pieces of stone and metal tiles laid out and one half peeled back ready to stick in place.

I decided I wanted to add even more artistic flair so I traced a bottle cap in the corner of one piece.

metal tile with skyline and black bottle cap place on top right edge
metal tile with skyline and traced bottle cap circle on top right edge.

Then I mixed some orange and yellow Acrylic paint

pink plastic plate with mix of paints- dried brown and wet yellow and orange.

and painted the orange moon

metal skyline tile with orange moon painted in top right corner.

There are so many wood options available for PureBond plywood now… You can order project panels online and have them shipped to your local Home Depot store where they will custom cut them for free. This project only needed the 1/4 birch panels.

Lastly, I peeled off the back of the large tile and stuck it to the PureBond base I cut to match the size (roughly 6″x 12″). This skyline art could be hung on the wall with a command strip or set on a shelf. The reflective nature of the metal tiles can help lighten up a space.

cut piece of 1/4 inch birch purebond plywood
metal tile back laying on top of purebond plywood with back partially peeled off.
splatter painted skyline art tile.

Home Show Classes

My favorite part of the Home Show classes is seeing the creative ways products get used. Here are some great shots from my time this last weekend in Philadelphia.

You’ll notice there is a bit of a difference around the edges too. At the very last minute (seriously, the day before) I decided trim pieces would make it look a bit more finished so I miter cut a ton of them before I went- a few dabs of construction adhesive on the inside edge and they’ll never come off!

And some shots of the amazing projects skyline art created:

One lady interpreted the grand canyon, another made her skyline art to recreate a favorite horizon from (I think it was) Chicago , and still another the Empire State Building…. I always head out wondering if anyone will enjoy the project, and then come home so happy they all seemed to while asking really great questions and getting just as excited about the products as I always am!

Another neat part of these reclaimed metal tiles used for the background is that they are magnetic! If you used them as a backsplash, you could easily leave notes for family and hold a recipe card as you cook… they’re some of my favorite and I hope to use them in Jack’s room soon. The different pattern and colors offered are incredible and so on trend too.

Here was my finished sample for the show:

Finished Skyline art project from a Home Show Make It Take It workshop.

If you’re looking for other Make It Take it Ideas, try these: Magnet Board, tile trivet, wine balancer, and key holder. Did you even know you could do so much with a little bit of leftover plywood and tile?

If you want to attend a Make It Take It workshop in person, I will be at the Philly Home and Garden Show February 15th and 16th. We’d love to have you join us and I’ll answer all your questions about PureBond and Aspect Tiles while you check out all the incredible samples of their products and see the color choices in person (and of course make something fun!).

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pinnable image of skyline art projects

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    January 16, 2020 at 8:07 PM

    They are just beautiful I would definitely be interested. I have never been to creative though.

    • Reply
      January 17, 2020 at 3:59 PM

      I bet you are more creative than you think!!

  • Reply
    Sarh S
    January 18, 2020 at 12:19 AM

    That’s awesome, but I can imagine a little pricey to create.

    • Reply
      January 21, 2020 at 8:35 AM

      I suppose if you were only wanting to make this piece it might be, however, if you were using product left over from a fun project, the cost would be minimal. You could also use this idea to inspire you to make something similar or better yet, head out to meet me at a Home Show, and make it for free!

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