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Small Succulent teacher gifts

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The holidays are upon us y’all. Teachers do a great job with our kids and being the child of a teacher, I like to say thank you for work they do. These small succulent pots make great teacher gifts. They are pretty quick to assemble, don’t take a lot of supplies and you can even do them with your child.

Supply List


Gather up your supplies and put them on an old newsprint ad in case of glue drips or sand/glitter spillage

a cordless glue gun with a block of wrapped floral foam in the background. a small terracotta pot and faux succulent buds on top of a block of floral foam laying on a colorful newspaper ad in the foreground

Cut a small block of floral foam to fit inside the pots. You can glue them down, though with the slope of the pot, it really isn’t necessary. I did wedge a piece into the side to secure it all in snugly

 a small terracotta pot with piece of floral foam inserted inside next to blocks of cut floral foam on top of a colorful newspaper ad

To cover the top and hide the floral foam, cut a piece of paper to fill out the top (instead of pouring in a ton of filler). It doesn’t have to be perfect- just use your glue gun to secure it down to the foam and then cover the top edges with a bead of hot glue to cover the gaps in the sides (apologies for the lack of picture)

small terracotta pot with a piece of white paper cut to fill in the top next to cut blocks of floral foam on top of a colorful newspaper ad

Fill the “pool” created with white glue and sprinkle the sand or glitter on top. Press the sand and glitter down lightly to make sure it doesn’t just sit on top.

jar of decorative filler sand with red cordless glue gun in the background. green floral foam on right with small succulent bud laying on top. Newspaper ad and toothpicks in foreground.

Pull some buds off the succulent picks, then break a toothpick in half and put a dab of hot glue on the end of it then place it in the opening at the bottom of one of the succulent picks.

two pieces of a broken toothpick and a small faux succulent bud on top of a block or green floral foam over a colorful newspaper ad

Stick the small succulent into the glitter or sand. I grouped them in sets of three for fullness.

three pots of small faux succulent decor on a patterned rug

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and try different things- I used a copper metallic spray paint to decorate some of the pots and then glitter instead of sand in the top.

small faux succulents in little terracotta pots gathered on a black table

My daughter and I had a great time making these small succulents for teacher gifts. Now we just need about 17 more….

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three small succulent pot teacher gifts on wooden tray

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