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I am wanting to post more… and yet find myself being pulled into more hands on kind of things. What has been keeping me busy? Well, my ADD is in full force and I have a few projects going on at once. Last week, on a whim, I pulled the carpet off the stairs and painted them, I’ve been working on that table and chairs set I got off Freecycle, I took a class for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and started a small set of two chairs for J.

Here is the before of the table:

Not much to look at right?

This lady had tried on at least 4 occasions to give this thing away. Either the person who wanted it didn’t show up, or twice they came in a compact car to pick up a bar height table and 6…yes, SIX chairs. lol. The visual is funny to me. So, I told her if no one NEEED them, I would happily keep them out of the landfill and headed over. Her sweet husband helped me load it up and it barely fit into my minivan. Six chairs take up a LOT of room. That table is crazy heavy so I convince dear hubby to help me get it out of the car (before I told him what I had gone to pick up). I am so glad this man loves me. He mumbled something about our garage becoming a furniture barn, and wandered off. ;o)

I had this fabric I had ordered to make a desk for myself, loved the pattern, but was sending it back because it wasn’t right for the room I wanted to put the desk in. Luckily, I hadn’t sent it back yet. I decided to base the redo on that fabric and I was going to sell this set on Craigslist or something. (Hubby was totally onboard with that idea.)

I headed off to my favorite Antique Store (On a Whim) and then hemmed and hawed until I chose (It’s Provence- fairly close to that fancy jewelry store’s “blue” color). Headed home and got ready to paint. Oh this set was a mess! The seats had caked on food, the table was a little beat up, and the chairs..ick! Food and other stuff rubbed in to the cracks and crevices… It took a while to clean it up. After a while I just took sandpaper to it.

Chair before (one of the cleaner ones)

I unscrewed the seats of all the chairs. They had piping all around. I don’t know who to do that just yet, so I decided in advance it wasn’t needed. I would have considered just leaving the old fabric on for strength and durability if some of the seats weren’t so caked with food. I didn’t want to dig out the carpet cleaning machine, so I pulled off the old fabric. It’s pretty easy to do- if you’re careful. It’s basically stapled on. I don’t know how you get heavy duty staples out..but I use this:

I seriously think it’s just about the coolest thing. SO handy in my new endeavors. I guess it came from the big Orange store, I found it in our garage. No telling why Brian bought it originally- I promise it wasn’t for all this. Ok, so this is what I used to get out the staples. I love it.

I took out a few and then just grabbed the end of the piping and pulled. Once that was off, I took off all the other staples and the fabric came right off. (Sorry forgot to take pictured of this part) Then I laid the new fabric out, cut a good margin around the seat and foam and stapled it down. The key is to pull tight, I sat on the cushion to compress it as much as possible, and keep the corners as fold free as possible on top. Don’t be afraid to use more staples than you think necessary. Then I re-used the muslin under covering re-stapeling it back on top and WA LA! A seat cushion!

Once I got a coat on the first chair, I could see my plan coming together:  It got me excited and kept me going… at this point I could see how long this was going to take.

The weekend came, and I was able to get a chunk of work done:  Not bad. I tried sanding the top down a bit to get some of the deeper dings and chips out and even it out just a bit. In the end, it didn’t make a whole lot of difference. The paint did it’s thing and leveled out pretty well on its own.

I painted the table and 4 of the chairs and decided maybe it needed a splash of color:   so I added some Barcelona Orange highlights to the grooves in the ladder backs and table edges. Kind of a fun pop of color! Don’t worry, I cleaned up the spill over from my not quite small enough brush.

I decided that with my amazingly busy and active children, I would poly the top. I used Polyacrylic we have on hand from our paperbag countertops and went to town on the table top. 3 coats and it looked amazing… until the cat walked across it wet. I could have killed her. So three hours later, I did the best I could to sand out the prints and lay down a layer thick enough to cover them up. lol- bad kitty.

I waxed the legs and chairs. I distressed the table and chairs and I currently have 4 done. The other two might be a while. One I could whip out in a day or so, the other needs a new brace. Brian will have to do it, and my projects aren’t high on his list. However, he does love the table and as I worked on it, decided we should keep it. SO it’s in the kitchen and adds a fun splash to the room. Here is a photo taken way too late at night. Not the greatest, but gives you and idea of the finished product. I’ll add another tomorrow morning I hope it photographs better in the day light.


On the right is the evening picture, and the left is the daylight shot.

What do you think?

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    A Pinterest Addict
    June 20 at 12:27 PM

    Looks fabulous! I love the bright, happy colors!

  • Reply
    June 20 at 12:44 PM

    Thanks so much- I’m hoping to get a better photo today. I’m so happy we’re keeping it! Hubby is too which is even better!

  • Reply
    Rebecca @ Shoved to Them
    July 2 at 4:08 PM

    I love it!

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