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a tile trivet

The fastest DIY you ever did make…. I have quite a few tiles left over from my kitchen mini revamp. You know how I hate wasting anything. When I was asked to teach a workshop at the Philly Home…

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The longest project ever

Ok.. bear with me.. the post is pretty long as well… If you have been following me on Instagram, you’ve most likely seen some pictures of the deck. If you have any concept of time, you have noticed that…

Furniture re-dos Projects

Hoosier project (long term)

We’ve all been up in the Adirondacks at Brian’s family’s camp (built by his great-grandfather in the 20’s)  for the last week or so. We love getting up here because it’s quiet and peaceful (well it was until my…

new master tub
Makeovers Projects

Bathroom Saga conclusion-ish

Ok, so I re-read the last post and it sounds really nasty. I don’t like the tone so I’ll just wrap it this up. The basic gist is that we finally sort-of have a new bathroom. It’s SO much…