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Saved by Scottie Love it exterior rear
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Love it or List it… farm edition

Welcome to “Love it, or List it… Farm edition”. Our current “episode” started in back in January. Our real estate agent (who is FABULOUS btw… if you need one, hit me up, I’ll totally give you her name) sent…

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The rv remodel

If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have seen the photos I have posted of desk tops, doors, and rv stuff… you might be confused… hopefully this post will clear it up for you. A few months…

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Filming? Fun with NAHB

You may recall in my last post I mentioned filming an educational video with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). It was SO much fun! The piece is a very basic explanation about the National Green Building Standard…

Travel van Gogh collection

Oh Canada!

What can I say? I really do adore Canada! All the stereotypes are true- they really are very nice people! I actually knew this already since I have been there a few times already… (I just thought I would…

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Today is the DAY!

Today the big move FINALLY starts on the blog. Transferring everything over to a new format. I really don’t want to lose the following of even one of you, so please, PLEASE if you don’t see a post by…