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The rv remodel- BEFORE

If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have seen the photos I have posted of desk tops, doors, and rv stuff… you might be confused… hopefully this post will clear it up for you.

A few months ago, a blast from the past friend contacted me about helping them remodel an rv they were going to purchase. She has health concerns and needs a different climate, all the children are grown, and he has a job that can pretty much go anywhere with him. Somehow they decided “tiny house living” was for them. It seemed like a fun thing to do and so I said yes. As with all projects I take on, it’s always a bit more than I anticipated, but the results are spectacular… except I am getting ahead of myself so let me back up….

Because we have the room, they asked if they could park it at my house while they worked on it. Of course… since when I was doing my part it also made my life easier to not have to go somewhere else and if there is one thing we have here, it’s extra space to park things. So a few weeks later, they drove down to the Carolinas and picked this thing up… brand new from the lot… then they parked it in our side yard and immediately proceeded to gut it… seriously. Let that sink in.. and YES, she said I could tell you, I think she is insane.

That having been said… here are some before pictures to get you ready for everything that has been done (and I will also say, I about fell out of my chair when I looked back at them forgetting the “real before”). All these photos are courtesy of Campers Inn where she purchased the unit.

Main Cabin:

This was the view when you walked in the door. The living/dining areas are directly in front of you. That cabinet on the far wall is technically the “pantry”.

Next is the view standing next to that pantry and looking back towards the door- Note the oddly-placed and tiny tile backsplash over the stove. The television you see is on a swivel and turns around to face the bedroom in case you want to lay in bed and watch tv.

A little better look at the kitchen. The countertops are solid surface and faux Carrera marble (actually lovely so they get to stay).

I have no idea why they took a picture with all the drawers and doors open in the kitchen, but the dead straight view gives you a good idea of what we had to work with. Maybe it has something to do with showing you the amount of storage?

This is a close up of the tv cabinet with the tv facing the living area. There are sliding doors on either side of this unit to close off the bedroom.


Speaking of the bedroom, let’s head in there and close those sliding doors:

Claustrophobic yet?

Maybe watching some tv will help….

This is the area at the top of the bed- with the “closets” open:

and then door closed:

The door fronts are mirrored… perhaps to create the illusion of more space? I am not sure. You practically have to stand in the middle of the whole unit for a full length view.

The other side of the bed looks like this:

And here is what you see when the sliding doors are open….


Let’s head back out and down the “hall” to the teeny, tiny bathroom….


Then to the back room where there are extra sleeping quarters… double bunks on one side:

with a dinette and additional bunk on the other…

lastly, the view from the back wall towards the door and main cabin.

There here you have it… that is the total before of the rv / tiny house destruction/reinvention of Summer 2017. I can NOT wait to show you how it’s all coming together- let’s just say it’s much lighter, brighter, and a bit more on-trend than the rv market seems to be ready for…. (though for the life of me I can’t figure out why)

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