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True Ryobi confessions…

Ok, if you’ve been a reader here for a while, you know how much I love my Ryobi Power Tools Corner Cat Sander. I mean really- look over to the right, I am making out with one. šŸ˜‰ I love the low vibration, it’s cordless and just fabulous.

Well… I have a confession to make.

Please don’t hate meā€¦.<sigh>

I’ve been cheating…

…on my beloved Corner Cat. I know. I am… ashamed.

I feel SOĀ guilty that I just HAVEĀ to tellā€¦ and I really like this new one. I want you to meet him.

This is my new BFF..

sxs Ryobi palm sander

Meet the Ryobi 1/4 sheet finish sander. Want to know why I love it so? It too is low vibration, it works SO fast, and it’s practically DUSTLESS! I am in L.O.V.E. Seriously, still wear a mask, but the dust doesn’t get everywhere… TOTALLY worth the cord.

Let me show what this baby can do-

Here is how I started:

sxs short chest before

This top was WELL loved from years of having stuff piled on top of it. You can hardly see the best feature- it’s a true peg built antique. I just love it. I had to show everyone it’s beauty and not take away the wisdom and refinementĀ that comes with age. Shabby Paints has some incredible new colors and I knew right away this one HAD to be Pardon Me- a fabulous warm mustard yellow.

Have you ever used Shabby Paints? They’re pure Acrylic and adhere like nobody’s business. This is awesome… until you go on a heavy distressing binge like I have been on and holy cow! It wears you out! The Corner Cat was NOT cutting it. (I’m not entirely convinced it was all his fault, I mean, the sandpaper they sell for him isn’t all that great. It’s not so easy to find, and even the 80 grit isn’t abrasive enough for some of the pieces I get. So, I cut him some slack.) However, I had to find a better option.

I had an ancient palm sander that had lost its sanding pad somewhere in the move, I looked up the cost of replacing it and found it was such an old model there were lots of parts no longer available… made no sense to replace that one part just to possibly have something else go bad soon.. so I went shopping at MY toy store- Home Depot.

Wandering down the aisles I am always drawn to Ryobi first. The people who work there are so nice, the tools are completely affordable, and come on… that awesome bright green?! It just screams “energetic happiness” so why wouldn’t I be?

Heading there I looked for their version of a palm sander and found this awesome little number. It came in a kit with its OWN BAGā€¦ and seriously, what girl doesn’t love a cute bag?!

ryobi sander ryobi sander kit


I snapped that baby right in the cart. Got home and grabbed that little bench/chest and went to town. First thing is first- let’s get all that old finish and stain off and show off those pegs:

sxs short chest sanded top sxs short chest top before


I slapped on two coats of Pardon Me (of course I forgot the picture) and when dry went to town with that sanderā€¦

When I was all done, I used Hazelnut reVAX on top as a stain. It’s fabulous to really show off the wood. Gives a beautiful translucent color with a durable finish and NO BUFFING! (Because we all know that buffing wax blows.)

sxs short chest top close up


Don’t you love it?Ā I then used the reVAX to add some age and dimension to the Painted parts as well.

Here she is all finished up:

sxs short chest after sxs short chest full view


Ready for love at Weathered Elegance in Leesburgā€¦ stop by and say hello!




(While Ryobi HASĀ given me some fabulous tools in the past to use and talk about, I paid for this one all on my own- (I love them that much) all opinions are my own and always will be)

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    Shabby Shannon
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    Love Love Love!!

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