Types of Power Saws

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Beginners guide

Looking to add some new woodworking tools to your workshop? 

Here are some saws that are worth putting on your wishlist.

Corded tools tend to be more powerful, but you're confined to working in reach of an outlet. Battery operated devices are more portable

Corded vs Battery Powered

The circular saw has a toothed blade shaped like a wheel on a center post to cut many different types of materials.


A miter saw can be maneuvered to cut at different angles (generally between 0-45º)


A floor standing bandsaw is used to rip boards into thinner pieces, make intricate or curved cuts into wood, or cut pipes and tubes.


A jigsaw is designed specifically for cutting curves or other non-straight lines. 


A table saw is one of the easiest saws for making long, straight, ripping, or repetitive cuts.


There are too many saws to list in this one story, including quite a few hand saws that are helpful to have in your wood shop.  Visit my blog post to learn about more tools you should consider picking up!


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