Moving and Shaking….

Wow! Things are moving fast around here. Had the offer of retail space fairly immediately today as well as another commission job… I better get to work. Too much work is a great problem to have I think!

In the meantime- here are the commission pieces I am working on.

I’m nearly done with the desk and I can NOT wait to show you!!! Insanely proud of it.

An antique chair Saved by Scotte

The chair has a table with it (there are 6 chairs total), it’s for my award-winning designer client and it’s coming together beautifully!! It is going to be smashing when it’s complete. She saw the one chair I have finished today and was very excited… This dining set belonged to her mother. If I remember correctly it’s 40ish years old and honestly in incredible shape. I love the updated colors she chose and when complete it’s hardly recognizable…

The reveals will be coming soon!

I hope everyone had an incredible Thanksgiving and is gearing up for the wonderful Christmas season peacefully.

Oh! What do you think of the new format? Sorry I keep making changes, I want it to look good when I finally get my ducks in a row for the big launch…

Love and Hugs!


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    Stacie Tomasello
    November 27, 2012 at 10:03 AM

    That desk is super cool, good size. Cant wait to see what you do with it! Where are you gonna sell your stuff.. I want to buy things!

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