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A Nimbus Pot review…

Nimbus what?


SXS Nimbus Pot needs help

Now before I tell you what this is all about you need to understand some things about me. While I now live on (in?) 13 acres of trees… I know NOTHING about living in the country.. I’m learning but holy cow is there a lot to know! You would think with all of these lovely pictures of the landscaping I would know a think or two about plants. NOPE! The kindest way to put it is I have an ashen thumb y’all… not brown or black.. dead to the point of decaying thumb. It’s almost comical how quickly I can kill a growing thing. (I seriously wonder how my children have made it this far some days.)

For example, that picture of what is left of a plant above? The tag says “Just Add Ice Orchids”… Yea, do you know what I needed to do to keep it alive? ADD THREE ICE CUBES ONCE A WEEK! Seriously, that’s it. Does it look like it’s thriving to you? RIP little plant…

Imagine my excitement when I met some wonderful people at Haven that seemed to have a cure for my affliction! There is a planter that will water and feed your plant for you!!

When they offered to send me one to try out, I was ecstatic! I mean I can certainly appreciate the beauty of life, just please don’t ask me to assist with its survival.

It took me a while to figure out what to put in it. I mean really, I have been told whatever I choose will live so the world is my oyster… what?! I wanted greenery, vines, flowers. Brian just wanted a house plant. He had a clearer vision so I let him win this one. Plus we were standing in the middle of Home Depot at the end of the season and it’s really just a lot of pressure and I am easily distracted. Like this: Did you know Home Depot sold the cutest and most fun/silliest wine glasses I have ever seen?

SXS Nimbus pot home depot wine glass


.. ok, major ADD moments are the story of my life.

Anyway, plant and potting soil procured, we headed home. I grabbed my gardening gloves I was so kindly gifted at Haven (and admittedly giggled at the thought of them ever seeing use).

SXS Nimbus pot gardening gloves


There is a great video on the Nimbus website on setting everything up, I wanted to make sure I did it right and it’s super quick. Though honestly, it really couldn’t be much easier.

(Ok, apologies for not getting a picture of this part) When you flip the pot over, there is a plug and two sides, one says Inside, and the other says Outside. Take the plastic insert and pop it into the slot for where your greenery will reside.

Flip it over and it looks like this:

sxs empty Nimbus pot


I put a bit of soil in the bottom, added my plant and a bit more soil on top to fill it in. Doing it this way, helps keep bits of soil and debris from mucking up the system.

SXS planted Nimbus Pot

Then I removed the reservoir, and filled it with water. If you wanted to add plant food, you just place it in the water and pour that combo in.

SXS Nimbus pot filling

It holds nearly a gallon of water! Then you just reinsert the reservoir cap.

SXS Nimbus Pot needs water


OOO! Look at the pretty blue! I can look from across the room and see if it needs added water- I love that!

ok, it’s a self watering planter… big deal?! It’s so much more than that. What makes the Nimbus Pot special is it mimics the wet and dry cycle a plant needs for survival. (Did I know this? No. I watched their awesome video on why this was so much better than just leaving a ton of water in a stick or other more simple methods I’ve dismally failed at in the past) Think about nature, it rains then it doesn’t, the plant gets a chance to dry out a bit, then the cycle begins again. The Nimbus Pot delivers the right amount of water when the plant needs it for up to 4 months or more. So you aren’t over or under watering- Hooray! Pretty much the reason my greenery never makes it (I assume, since “exit interviews” are kind of out of the question).

I am thrilled with the prospect of really being able to work these into our home and landscape. I had someone give me a fabulous F-250 truck bumper. I have big plans to turn it into a window box planter now! I can even use ACTUAL plants with home they’ll be around for more than a few days!

While the white surface might seem a little boring, it is customizable. The texture would certainly lend itself well to paint. I haven’t gotten that far yet since we haven’t decided on wall colors, but it’s coming. I can see a fun color palette or even letting my kids go to town with washi tape and redecorate at will. You can also set it inside a larger and more decorative pot if that’s your thing.

I planted the houseplant a little over a week ago and can say without hesitation that it is the happiest plant. It has not even a touch of brown and obviously quite happy. I’ll keep you posted on its long-term survival.

Sxs Nimbus Pot window

Now, you think they can come up with something like this for children?



(While Nimbus Pot did send me product to use and share with you, all opinions are my own and always will be)



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