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DIY Bottle Cap Table with epoxy resin

After my adventure with making a Penny Table, I decided epoxy resin was fun and wanted to try some more. I had a small side table in my stash and it wasn’t nice enough for pennies, but it was perfect to use for a bottle cap table.

close up of bottle cap table in epoxy settling process

How I made a bottle cap table.

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  • Small table with recessed area
  • Assorted bottle caps
  • Two part Epoxy
  • Clear silicone caulk
  • thin plywood
  • stain
  • culinary torch
  • disposable glue brush
  • hose bib knob

This little table was sad. It had a thick veneered insert and dated little handle for a non existent drawer.

old sad side table with dated floral knob in workshop setting

I had even started testing out paint colors at one point on the edge trying to figure out what to do with it.

top of old side table with paint splotches on one edge. Wood trim on outside and black veneered insert in center

I always look over pieces completely to see if there are any markings or labels to hint at any kind of story…

underside of table. handwritten markings L-6 and 54-02 that don't seem to mean anything

…nothing really, so I pulled out the insert, since it was far thicker than I needed it to be. I sanded the support edges just a bit to make sure any leftover glue residue was gone.

close up of table edge once insert is removed. In workshop setting with pliers on the ground.

Then, I used a piece of 1/4″ plywood scrap to make a new insert, did a quick stain to one side and used silicone caulk to seal it all around, concentrating on the bottom. I noticed some off colorings on the edges of the table and while this is a rustic piece, they looked odd. I chose to use stain to help those areas blend in better with the overall look.

Quick Tip: Epoxy is thinner than you think. It can and will ooze and run out of any small opening you miss.

underside of new table center insert showing clear silicone caulk applied about the edges to keep the epoxy from dripping out.

Once the caulk was ready, I did a dry layout of how the bottle caps would fit best.

layout of bottle caps in table top

Next, I mixed a very small amount of epoxy and began laying out the bottle caps in that epoxy base.

cups of epoxy ready to mix
table top insert with shallow epoxy base ready for the addition of bottle caps. One is in top corner
top of bottle cap table full and in initial curing process

Follow the instructions on the box. It takes a day or two for the product to fully cure. Ramping up the heat in the room, can speed the process along.

full view of bottle cap table in curing process

Then, with the base set, I mixed up more epoxy and poured it on to fill in the rest of the space. The carbon dioxide produced by a kitchen torch comes in handy to pop bubbles in the surface as it’s settling. A the disposable glue brush is great if you have drips on the edges to clean them up and smooth them out.

Quick Tip: Letting the resin settle for 10-15 mins before working on bubbles and drips will make the whole process faster and generally keep from overtorching.

Photo of the settling process of a bottle cap table

Once finished, I used a faucet knob to finish the bottle cap table off and carted it off to my store.

bottle cap table in place at The Painted Pig in Lovettsville, VA
top view of bottle cap table in place at The Painted Pig in Lovettsville, VA

This bottle cap table is currently AVAILABLE for sale at The Painted Pig in Lovettsville, VA.

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pinnable image of DIY bottle cap table using epoxy resin with various steps shown.

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  • Reply
    February 4, 2020 at 1:02 AM

    Looks great. What brand epoxy did you use? It’s on my list to make one of these.

    • Reply
      February 4, 2020 at 8:06 AM

      Hi Annette! Thanks for stopping by! I used the Envirotex. I linked to the exact one on Amazon for you above. Here is is again though just in case: Good Luck with your project! I hope you’ll send me a photo when it’s complete!

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