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Hey there! Life has been absolutely insane lately. If you’ve been following on IG or facebook You’ve seen the chicken coop build progress and all the work I have going on… a few months ago I was able to do this gym build out and am finally making the time to share it with you- My humble apologies.

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This post is made possible with help from Ryobi and Kreg Tools. I am grateful for their support and love sharing with you how easy they have made my life.

When my husband and I posted a picture of a simple heat shield we made from corrugated metal, I had someone ask me to do something similar in her husband’s home gym. Frankly, I blew her off at first… I mean I get those comments all the time. I was certain she wasn’t serious. The third time she contacted me about it, I figure she might actually mean it. So I went over and had a look.

It makes me so happy when people put their trust in me to recreate a room in their home, especially when it is for a loved one or someone in their lives who they know will appreciate this gesture. She wanted to surprise her husband with a “new” gym for Valentine’s Day.

home gym before punching bag hanging in center of image with floor punching dummy next to it. hockey sticks in corner with exercise ball and framed sports poster leaning against the wall.
sxs home gym before exercise equipment in background on side of gym wall.
sxs home gym parts and pieces stacked in corner waiting for display on wall.

So fun! She had some jerseys and sports equipment she wanted to display too. We decided on flat metal instead of corrugated. and I ordered custom cut steel sheets… well those took forever and when I finally got them, they were insanely heavy and then also cut wrong. Ugh… I can’t cut steel. Plan B…

HVAC supply store to the rescue! I bought 4’x8′ sheets of flashing (which is honestly what I wanted in the first place but didn’t know where to find them) and attached them to the wall using sheet metal screws and my fabulous Ryobi drill/driver at the studs. (I used a nail to punch a starter hole just so the screw didn’t slide out of place):

sxs home gym install of flat metal sheeting. Hole cut for power outlet and curved to fit into corner of room.
sxs home gym install first sheet of metal installed on wall.

I framed the jerseys with off the shelf jersey “shadow box” frames , using “T” pins to hold them in place.

sxs home gym shadow box framed jerseys

For the boxing gloves, I made a custom shelf. Super easy and inexpensive when you visit the Home Depot “clearance” wood section- it’s my favorite.

sxs home gym home depot clearance wood board with purple spray paint on it.

Crappy deck boards are the best! I cut it to roughly 36 inches and then used my Kreg jig to make pocket holes and attach the top piece at a 90º angle to make a shelf. I measured out the spaces for the hangers and drilled holes and used drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby to make rustic hangers. Did you know you can switch out the screws in the back to make them more like regular drawer pulls? I used a custom Shabby Paints reVAX mix to stain the boards to look more rustic too.

sxs home gym kreg jig with piece of wood loaded in it ready to be drilled for pocket holes.
sxs home gym pocket holes in wood board close up.
sxs home gym shelf back view
sxs home gym hobby lobby pulls close up. look like an equal sign with silver- tone square in the center on stained wood board.

The only thing left was the hockey sticks and bat… and you’ll never believe what I used for that…

sxs home gym icky gun rack covered in spider webs and small sections of green felt.

A gun rack left in my workshop when we moved in. I took out the screws to pull it apart, cleaned it up, and sanded the snot out of it with my Ryobi corner cat sander. Then I used the same “stain” mix to give it a rustic vibe.

sxs home gym gun rack back with close up of screws and how it was assembled.
sxs home gym gun rack pieces sanded to give a more rustic look
sxs home gym gun rack after staining and reassembly

The rack was the perfect way to display the hockey sticks and bat.

sxs home gym jersey wall with hockey sticks and bats displayed on the former gun rack between the two framed jerseys.

Once I had all the large metal pieces installed, I used my “stain” mix on tiny trim pieces from Home Depot to bring it all together.

sxs home gym outlet frame with stained trim pieces around it.
home gym boxing gloves hung on wall shelf.
sxs home gym equipment in back part of home gym and sports equipment and jerseys hung on wall behind them.
sxs home gym full view with punching bag hanging from ceiling in center, metal walls, gloves hanging from wall shelf and poster of boxer hanging in background.

This was a fun project and her husband was VERY surprised. He really likes it and sent me a very sweet thank you note.

What do you think? Could you see this style somewhere in your home?

(I am a Shabby Paints retailer. Ryobi Power Tools and Kreg jig have generously sent me products to try, then share with you (and many I have purchased all on my own). However, all opinions are strictly my own, and always will be)

Hobby Lobby and Home Depot have no idea who I am.

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  • Reply
    May 5, 2016 at 10:17 PM

    That’s my gym! Great job Scottie. I really enjoy it and you did a great job putting it together. Thank you very much.

    • Reply
      May 5, 2016 at 10:37 PM

      Thank you Jeff! Im really so pleased you like it!

  • Reply
    Trisha D @ blackandwhiteobsession
    May 6, 2016 at 7:07 AM

    Such a stunning place to work out! I know I’d be more inclined to follow a routine in an organized and styled space like this!

    I think you made the right decision with the metal, and would have never guessed it was flashing! Bravo!

    • Reply
      May 6, 2016 at 8:10 AM

      Thanks Trisha! I may not be calling it the right thing. lol… but I do that a lot. 😉

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