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Saved by Scottie Love it exterior rear
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Love it or List it… farm edition

Welcome to “Love it, or List it… Farm edition”. Our current “episode” started in back in January. Our real estate agent (who is FABULOUS btw… if you need one, hit me up, I’ll totally give you her name) sent…

Just Me

Happy Halloween!

Happy Day after Halloween! Thought you’d like to see part of my crew: The beautiful redhead decided to spray paint her hair black… surprisingly it wasn’t bad. It even came out…mostly. She says she still has black at the…


ADK home

I thought you might like a bit of a glimpse into my world… this is where we go for at least a week every summer. The past few years we’ve been able to get away for a bit longer…


Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for (not necessarily in order): Possibilities- 2013 is going to be an adventure and I am really looking forward to the ride! My husband– he cooked the entire meal by himself. He is an amazing cook…

boat interior after

Our Boat and Vinyl Spray Paint..(Seriously)

Did you know there is such a thing as vinyl spray paint? Here’s the story of how I “found” it and what I used it on. I’ve told you about my husband’s family place up in the Adirondacks… it’s…