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Junk and a Ryobi brad nailer

Today is just a super quick post about not overlooking junk and how you can make something awesome in just a few minutes.

I am trying to get ready to do a really cool feature wall in my dining room (more on that later), and in pulling out all the family silver from storage I realized there are pieces I can’t really “hang”. So, what the heck and I supposed to do with them?

Looking through the shop I came up with a bunch of drawer slides and various wooden scraps. The pile kind of looked like this:

SxS Drawer crate pieces

…and EUREKA!

I grabbed my miter saw and my very favorite Ryobi Air Strike brad nailer and went to town! There weren’t enough to do exactly what I wanted to do.. so I improvised and came up with this cute little number:

SxS drawer slide crate SxS drawer slide crate top SxS drawer crate

I cut 3 of the slides in half and used those for the sides. I trimmed an old garden stake for the braces and used the brad nailer to put it all together. It was a super simple and super quick project which will work fabulous to hold all the little silver pieces and trinkets on the wall. If I had a few more I would have made a back for it, but this will work just as well..

So what do you think? Do you have “junk” lying around you could make something super useful or decorative out of? Don’t be afraid to give it a go!

(while Ryobi has furnished me some fab tools to use on my projects and share with you, all opinions are my own and always will be)


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