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Furniture re-dos

Furniture re-dos van Gogh collection

A quick redo

You’ve all seen those dated end tables everyone’s “cool” uncle seemed to have, right? Hexagon shaped with plastic moldings and velour… I see that look on your face… you have NO idea what I am talking about do you?…

Furniture re-dos Just Me Video


Well, here it is.. my news I have been so excited about for so very long. I am going to be filming a web series!! Can you believe it?! I am so stinkin’ excited I can’t stand it!! I…

Furniture re-dos Retail van Gogh collection

Dining set redo

Working on a redo of a dining set. If you’ve been over to the Facebook page you’ve seen some progress. I used van Gogh fossil paint in Chalk and order some incredible fabric from for the interior. I love…

Furniture re-dos van Gogh collection

Some whimsical pieces

I have had the fun opportunity to create some really fun pieces in the last few weeks and thought I would share them with you. The first was a piece I did for a client. She really likes Mackenzie-Childs…

Furniture re-dos Makeovers

Hoosier Done (…ish)!

Did you know that the HD card in your fancy camera has a tab on the side that can keep you from being able to delete files from it? No? Me either. My wonderful 13-year-old daughter did a Power…