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My old kitchen- the bookshelf

This is a multi part series about the kitchen in my old house and what I did to get it ready to sell. It’s pretty extensive so I broke it up into pieces.

A few years ago I posted about a low-cost kitchen remodel (link to part one, part 2 here). It occurred to me the other day that I never officially shared the final revamp I did right before we moved. It was a year ago, but I figure the response to my dramatic kitchen post was so positive, someone might want to see this one as well.

Here’s a bit of what the old kitchen looked like if you’re too lazy to click over:

sxs kitchen corner before sxs upper cabinets before

Ralph Lauren Turret Stair paint from Home Depot (done ALL wrong BTW before I knew anything about paint). Great color and killed me when they quit carrying it. I was so proud of those cabinets for years. They held up really well until I tried to touch up some small spots for a film spot some friends shot about concrete countertops. I had to use a different brand tinted to match- it chemically changed the paint and they were never the same. No biggie though- it’s just paint, I can fix it.

There was a space in the kitchen that we had purposefully left an overhang to the counter top to add a bookshelf. My intent had always been to put one in and when we decided to move, I thought it was the perfect time to do it… because working hard to let someone else enjoy it somehow makes sense when you’re reading a house to move….I went through it in stages and the bookshelf seemed like the most natural place to start. I knew I was going to be painting the cabinets (can you see how beat up they were?) so forgive the ickiness.. the babies learned to walk here and killed the poor cabinets with banging and life.

sxs island redo before side

I peeled off the trim and went to town.

sxs bookshelf build 3 sxs bookshelf build 2

I built the under box to match the toe kick already present on the cabinets to present a more continuous line, visually it just made more sense to me.  I added the bottom shelf and the left side. I knew I had a plan for how to finish the back side so most importantly was that the front be flush and smooth.

sxs bookshlef build 4

I glued (with Titebond of course) and nailed everything in place. What you can’t see is that there is a brace across the top nailed to the back to keep it all square.

sxs bookshlef build side sxs bookshlef build full view sxs bookshelf build side

I added a center shelf and re-trimmed out the bottom with new shoe moulding so everything lined up flush.

and that is how it sat for a few weeks until I started painting. Why did it take so long to paint? Ugh… well…. I tried a “crackle” finish on our island when we’d first moved it. It didn’t really go as planned and I had to “correct” that before I could paint anything.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you how I did the island… I promise it’s worth it. (here’s a sneak peek to prove it)

sxs full kitchen after


(Ryobi Power Tools has furnished products for me to use and share with you. All opinions are my own and always will be)


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