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It’s been a while, life is screaming on and it’s almost Thanksgiving! What the heck happened?!

Quick update on where I’ve been…. our dear family member passed on, taking care of all the afters is almost as daunting of caring for an ill relative… my house is full of furniture at a level I didn’t think possible, we had a water leak in the basement that turned into far more massive of a problem than one would ever want to have and here I am… a complete train wreck. lol.. in other words, my life.

Thanks for hanging on and here we go….

Want to see what you can do with a poor orphan piece of furniture that sits around for a year before it speaks to you?

sxs fp dry bar before



sxs fp dry bar before inside sxs fp dry bar before bottom inside

Amazing, right? This poor dry bar has held stencils and empty containers for over a year in my workshop/dining room. I have been waiting for inspiration to hit. Then one day BOOM! Like a ton of bricks I tell you…

It is a beautiful piece with such amazing bones it needed to SHIMMER and SHINE!! Luckily I had just the thing… Shabby Paints Shimmers in Stunning Silver and Smoked Pearl. To give the Shimmers the perfect base, I applied Lillian Gray first on the base and Licorice on the top, inside, and hardware.

Working with metallics can be tricky. The pigments can easily show brush strokes no matter high quality the brush. I didn’t want the brushed metal look and had such fabulous results with the red buffet, that I went the “nappy” roller route again. I didn’t want the LOOK AT ME Silver so Black reVAX to the rescue. I applied it right on top of the shimmer. It bought out the amazing texture of the roller and really made it look like the perfect silver patina.

On the top I applied Smoked Pearl Shimmer over the Licorice with a brush. Being so dark they didn’t stand out like they do with the lighter colors and I was very pleased with the results…

…but hey! You be the judge…

sxs fp dry bar open top sxs fp dry bar inside open sxs fp dry bar hardware closeup sxs fp dry bar close up side sxs fp dry bar close up curves sxs fp dry bar after unstyled sxs fp dry bar after inside top

sxs fp dry bar after


She’s even already found her new home. Now… does anyone want a red buffet?

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